Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Get Her a Helmet

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    I thought bears were extinct before video cameras were invented? How’d they get video of that??

  2. I hope her name isn’t real, or els im not surprised of this

  3. Moose. The plural of moose is moose, not mooses or even worse, “Moose’s.”

  4. Wow… just wow…

  5. Good thing she has the “princess” title.

  6. Meese are real?!

  7. “Princess”

  8. I didn’t know unicorn’s were real until I saw Doogie Howser riding one.

  9. Wow, Walter has a funny post. I believe this is a sign of the apocalypse. And I was having so much fun sinning.

  10. Not that he was able to use apostrophes correctly in said post, but still.

  11. @9, that’s like, your opinion, man.

  12. I was like omg tambien when i learned that Flying Squirrel’s were real. I saw that in a porno about bears. If you know what I mean…or is that median?

  13. Didn’t this same post already happen? Except…I thought it was with something else (not a moose but….I don’t know). I might be wrong. My Lamebook memories are running together. Also, moose is the singular and plural. So…no. Moose’s are not real. And….even if she was trying to make moose plural she failed. This moose owns nothing. No apostrophe -s needed.

  14. #8 Too bad Doogie Howser i’s not real.

  15. I would prefer if the plural was meese.

  16. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    In Europe moose are called Elk. When Europeans arrived in North America they encountered an animal that reminded them of an Elk, so they named it an Elk. Then when they moved further north they found actual Elk – the same species as exist in Northern Europe – and were all like “Shit. We already used the name Elk for that other thing. Let’s call this a moose, like this native chaps do.”

    And that’s why moose/elk have different names in Europe and America despite being the same species.

    True story.

  17. drchalkwitheringetc, I appreciate your random trivia.

  18. One thing that Lamebook has taught me is that there is a definite link between How stupid someone is and How stupid their name is.

    It does not surprise me at all that somebody who thought the Moose/Elk was extinct is called ‘Princess’.

  19. Princess, you wanna go out tonight? And by “going out”, I mean fucking you in the ass.

  20. Pretty sure princess is a name to stop people stalking me but thank you for making my posts public … And am also sure seeing as sorry I live in Australia I didn’t realise that Moose are real forgive me for being shocked mean ppl!

  21. ROFL… wow Princess. Wow. Read a book, and for you…. I suggest one with LOTS of pictures.

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