Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Unwrapped Part 2

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  1. Cookies for jesus… Just make sure there’s no bacon in them.

  2. Because cookies so often have bacon in them? Not that that wouldn’t make a good cookie…

  3. Sean is so stupid

  4. phillyk are you the kensington strangler?

  5. I left wine and stale crackers out for Jesus myself.

  6. What? Jesus comes around giving you crap (he talked quite a bit about this), and you don’t have the ^%$#*%^&& decency to leave him a few stale cookies? You insensitive pricks.

  7. I left a cum stained blanket and soaked toy out for Jesus, along with a tissue box for his tears.

    Tim, most Jesuses are pronounced “hay zeus” and are Mexican/ Latino/ etc. Idiot.

    Last one looks like a perfect picture for POW.

  8. Is that last photo Santa in disguise? I let that guy come into my house to leave presents for my daughter? Fuck.

  9. Keona, are you saying the Mexican Jesus isn’t named after Jew Jesus, but rather some guy named Hey Zeus, or what? I mean what’s your fucking point regarding the Tim one? Jesus.

  10. agree with sir walter

  11. Since when is Mexican a colour?

    Apparently Tim doesn’t know much about LaVey. If he did, he’d know the Satanic Bible isn’t an instruction manual on how to summond demons or anything of the sort. It’s more of a personal philosophy with a shocking title.

  12. @Metal_Head

    Let’s break it down. The joke is funny because white can mean a color (#FFFFFF) and a race (Caucasian). The poster meant one, but Robert responded as if she meant the other.

    Also, even if LaVey can’t conjure demons, maybe he can summond you a dictionary.

  13. While we’re at it, we can look up “summond” =/

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