Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Life Lessons

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  1. Did not happen. I’m tired of lamebook/facebook posts of people trying out their act.

  2. Ok, I await the abuse…. but I really don’t get it!

  3. ^ She’s acting pregnant, you naive boy.

  4. hahahaha, I am! Was assuming the poster was a guy! Sexist and naive damnit!

  5. Apparently everything on Lamebook is fake.

  6. I’m pretty sure everything on Facebook is fake.

  7. ^especially all the good looking ones.

  8. Pregnant… That makes more sense than my thinking she was assuming the viewer could see the vitamins and was making some anti-drug preach. Still, either way, eating my own vomit would have been a better use of my time than reading that.

  9. I totally assumed it was a woman right from the get-go. Weird.

  10. I just find it weird she liked her own status……Just saying!

  11. The submitter liked the status. No reason to believe the submitter and the original poster are the same person.

  12. touché

  13. Beatus, you should feel ashamed for being so sexist and correct.

  14. You’re right. I should be ashamed.

    But I’m not.

  15. Yeah – The part about vomiting vitamins is believable on its own, but I doubt anyone is that quick-witted when they are nauseous and vomiting.

  16. I thought she was trying to tell that onlooker she was so ugly she makes people throw up, and she should have worn that bag on her head.

  17. I think ms. pukeyface handled herself well.

  18. Hawkbit. You just overtyped your quota of words for the next month. Also with some lame joke. Congrats, next time try putting that on Facebook and you will be posted.

    Another mention, puking up vitamins ?

  19. There are some vitamins you’re not supposed to eat on an empty stomach. I’d assume they probably didn’t eat enough that morning, leading to puking up the vitamins.

  20. I’d assume that Mother forced her to eat those vitamins to stay healthy and clean. So her vomiting them up is her only way of attempting to take control of her life against a brutal and repressive hose-beast of a mother.
    That, and the razor cuts all up her thighs.

  21. ^ vivid o.O

  22. the interwebs is a scary place, kitten. try and be brave.

  23. Is that how you see it? Scary? Puff.

  24. what are you? not long out of your teens, right?
    too young to know that you don’t know shit, too stupid to shut up and stop broadcasting that fact.

  25. She obviously doesn’t know that you dissolve vitamin tablets in water before swallowing them.

  26. HAHAHAHA you know what MsAnne? You might just be right there. But I sure ain;t fucking ashamed of it. And what’s it make you? A washed up old whore who’s friends have all gone on to bigger and better things and forgotten all about you? So you create some fucking online blog like a crazy psychopathic bint in the vain outcry for the tiniest ounce of attention? We’re here ‘cos we’re bored, why are you?

  27. Bint is such a great word.

  28. you keep singing that tired old song crusty. whatever blows your hair back.
    you know how tragic you look, right? damagedcortex has taken over your spot as resident dickhead – and he’s a fucking bouncer.

  29. “fucking bouncer”… Heh heh heh…

  30. @Flames…I actually thought that. I am sure I would throw up, or worse, if I saw you IRL. Heck, just seeing your posts has brought a little bile up. Anyways, doesn’t everyone hate you??

  31. Yes, it was rhetorical.

  32. Sorry, Hawk, but I don’t care if you were asking the question rhetorically. I’m going to ask in the very literal sense:
    Is there anyone here that thinks ToTheFlames has any redeeming features at all?

    And… GO!

  33. he has a sexy guinea pig. but I think he should probably be reported for that, rather than praised.

  34. Um… He’s useful for fuel.

  35. Yeah, all I’m seeing are tumbleweeds…

  36. See this is why pregnant women shouldn’t be fucking allowed out on the streets, if their cunting distended bastard heaving pot bellies aren’t getting in the way on public transport they’re showing innocent school kids their stomach contents.

    Fucking baby shitters.

  37. oh please spare me from your hypocritical wittering.
    let’s face it, if you aren’t wanking at pregnant ladies on public transport, you’re showing innocent school kids your trouser contents.

  38. Calm down Dr. Barnado you can’t save all the children… for yourself you greedy needy paedy.

  39. Do not go even there with me, Sunny Jim.
    If you persist, I will be forced to shout at you in quite a shrill voice.
    And I may wave a stern finger at you, I’m not above that, either.

  40. Woah Woah! Don’t take that finger out just yet…

    I don’t want your cute little ringer snapping back into the ‘idle position’ right now.

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