Friday, March 22, 2013

And Michael Wins the Internet

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  1. Whilst Jacob does remind me that society is failing…Michael sure isn’t fucking helping by being a little bitch.

  2. so many lifeless grammar nazi’s

  3. ^^ nazis. Nazi’s would indicate possession.

  4. If you stop sucking your dad’s dick for more than 5 seconds at a time you’ll realise there is more to life than grammatical errors.

  5. Why would sucking dick make people think of only grammatical errors?

  6. I mean…correcting grammar…fuck. Is life so bad that the only kicks you can get is from pointing out that I’ve spelled something incorrectly? Or put a comma in the wrong place? Worry about the big dude who eyes you up from across the bar with a lump in his trousers and a twinkle in his eye, not my poorly placed apostrophes.

  7. Because the dick is shoved so far down his throat that it is cutting off his oxygen, disabling any logical thought process.

  8. Eeesh Crusty, too many failed attempts to make your point.

  9. crustyvaginalips what is it with you and the 1. ‘romantic relationships with one’s father’ jokes, and 2. gay jokes. are you trying to come out on lamebook?

  10. Michael, you missed “*I don’t know.”

  11. Penis McGuillicutty

    Wow, Crusty.

    9 thumbs up and 133 thumbs down on your comments combined. You must be a hit at parties.

  12. 11 comments in and we’re already drowning in the fail. Nice going, crusty…

    If you were directing a film, it would be ‘Legends of the Fail’.

    If you wrote a signature organ melody, and were subsequently ripped off in terms of royalties, only to later be vindicated in court, that song would be ‘A whiter shade of fail’.

    I could go on.

  13. Literally never seen so many thumbs down. Ohhh wait – they mean fuck all? Shiiiit. Well I never. Miserable bunch o’ cunts.

  14. Lamebook commenters got soft.

  15. Wuddup dawgz? Don’t dis me yo

  16. You should never judge a book by its cover. That’s what I got from this post.

    Because at first I am disgusted by Michael for his wanking off over his own spelling nazism.

    But I do respect that last post.

    And now I hate him for self submitting.

  17. ^Respect it? Why? He’s a fucking douche. As Jacob so terribly put it…a little bitch who really fuckin’ obviously sits behind his keyboard waiting for spelling mistakes to appear so he can get his kicks by correcting them. What a fucking life. Sad bastard.

  18. Michael’s the sad bastard, wasn’t aimed at you Franky.

  19. Oh STFU Crusty, you’re just digging yourself further and further into the mire of everybody thinking you’re a dick. I’ve never found any of your comments remotely interesting or amusing so why not do the entire Lamebook community a favor and go moan someplace else? I think the thumbs down show just how valued your pathetic comments are.

  20. Am I the only one who noticed that Jacob was baiting Michael, and Michael fell for it hook line and sinker?

  21. We’re up to 55 thumbs up vs 452 thumbs down for Crusty.

  22. Is it wrong that I think Jacob is black and Jacob is white? I’m going to hell aren’t I…

  23. *Michael is white.

  24. After reading through the comments I feel that the only intelligent reply is now: poop.

  25. So wait, what is crustylovelips saying? He likes sucking his dad’s dick or his lips are chapped from doing it? I’m lost.

  26. *facebook, Michael. It’s not capitalised.

  27. hey crusty..u spelled realize wrong

  28. michaels my hero..i think crusty is jacobs mom

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