Thursday, March 21, 2013

Make Money Volunteering!

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  2. Join the Army.

  3. Or Peace Corps.

  4. All you gotta do is type up some bullshit sponsor form, pester everyone you know (literally everyone and make sure you do it at least 4-5 times) for money to sponsor your bullshit activity that any window licking three year old could accomplish and use that money to enjoy yourself in Africa while you tell yourself it’s “for a good a cause”.

    Every single fucking fundraiser goes along the lines of:

    “Oh hi there, I’m trying to raise money for my flights to Africa. I’m going to climb Mt Kilimanjaro with an aim to raise awareness of aids victims in that area.” (Note the lack of an invitation)

    You’d be better off sending a bin bag full of fucking condoms if they were that serious.

    No. All they’re doing is having a fucking awesome holiday.

  5. Dawn of the Dan

    Peace Corps is the correct answer.

  6. ^ Being peaceful never really achieved anything though.

  7. This has always been my problem with volunteering.

  8. I get paid to travel and write shitty book that get turned into crappy movies starring Julia ‘annoying as fuck’ Roberts.

  9. How’s that workin’ out for ya buddy?

  10. That would deepens on what I would have to do. I see some people said to join the Arm. That would not work for me, because I believe there is a min of 2 year. Now, if I could have it my way someone just gives me money to do the job.

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