Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Long Night!

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  1. Bring_back_fingering




  3. Nice name blur fail.

  4. I don’t get it what sort of party it was. An orgy? Swingers?

    Also, why is it interesting that Brittany was tagged in drinking photos two weeks before she found out she was pregnant?

    One more: Brian sounds like a douche.

  5. @chelle

    They’re saying that the she was drinking just two weeks before she found out that she was pregnant, alcohol + pregnancy = birth defects & idiotic, immature parenting.

  6. Really? Because I was drinking two weeks before I found out I was pregnant. Not only is my baby healthy, she’s actually reaching milestones early. And I tend to think that I’m a great Mummy to her. I also had bad allergies so was on strong painkillers and antihistamines before I found out I was pregnant. Does that make me a bad parent too?

  7. Brittany must have been sleeping in her dad’s bed.

  8. @chelle – Same for most mothers, except those who never drink or are fortunate enough to not require medication. Sounds like “cat_ass” doesn’t know how pregnancy works, either, since you can’t find out you’re pregnant until AT LEAST 2 weeks after you conceive.

  9. I think what you mental midgets have not figured out is that the night of partying the slut had was likely the night she incubated her retarded love child from the sperm of a frat boy from the local community college.

  10. Alcohol can be very damaging during early pregnancy because there are certain stages of brain development occurring at this time.

    To the last commenter, it is not very likely that she found out she was pregnant when she was only 2 weeks along. Not impossible, but not likely.

  11. What is the self-serving humor in calling a girl you just slept with a slut?

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