Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tough Crackers

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  1. This is cake  fuck you T1000.

  2. Seems iphone pics don’t work. You win, this is fake…

  3. Gee, that’s not a self-submit or anything.

  4. I for one thought it was funny.

  5. Correct bradles.

  6. Is this supposed to be funny? Because if, and only if, this was true; it would be slightly funny.

  7. Hawkbit, its fake.

  8. Sounds like a good thing to me.

  9. FAKE.

  10. Bradles, I can see the cake

  11. Let’s get rid of Mother’s Day, it’ll only remind her of her problems.

  12. Mary is a fat hoe. She can always adopt if she really wanted to be a mum.

  13. ^ True. Especially the fat ho part.

  14. Anders Breivik

    mmmmhehe fat hoes…

  15. Oh for fuck sake

  16. I wish more people who made it on lamebook were unable to have children.

  17. I remember hawkbit and bacchante, but who are the rest of you unfunny faggots?

  18. Whoa there hardass!

  19. Its me!

  20. did mary even check the rules? what a lazy slut…she probably caused her mother’s death by her inattention to detail.

  21. hey Stever San, these c

  22. oh, hai stever san, how’s tricks?

  23. I don’t even feel sorry for Mary. She seems to use her mom’s death and impotency to fish for pity or show off her comedic side (in which case she would be kind of bragging). In conclusion… Fuck you, Mary, nobody cares.

  24. First of all, I strongly suspect Mary was trying to be funny.

    Second, women who cannot have children are not “impotent,” they are “barren.”

  25. CRACKER barrel??? You fucking RACISTS!!!

  26. Sure, barren is probably a more correct word. However, impotence is the quality of being impotent. Impotent means “unable” or “lacks the ability”. Hence, women can be impotent. Also, since the topic is obvious, “impotent *of having children*”, the *xxx* part is not needed.

    BTW: if she indeed tried to be funny, she should try harder.

  27. this topic ran out of steam by the time it got to #3. i mean, look at the lackluster replies, they dont have the usual snap! or pizazz! that normally is seen here…..im gonna go sit on a ritz

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