Monday, December 12, 2011

Tough Time

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  2. ACTUALLY unless they changed it, you can change your name back to any of the choices you had previously made….

  3. I believe all drugs should be legal, but certainly it makes more sense to criminalize alcohol than marijuana.

  4. They tried banning beer once and it failed. Any state that’s legalized pot has made it illegal shortly after. It won’t change.

  5. hootie the blowfish

    What state legalized pot?

  6. ^Quahog, Rhode Island

  7. And you keep believing that Mario

  8. Mario obviously has never been to California. Or a lot of other states.

  9. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of that brassiere.

  10. Wait, wait, let’s not confuse legalisation with decriminalisation.

    Oh, and GAH to “pregnat”! Again.

  11. Please note that not all Canadian’s are THAT dumb. Must be the air out west….

  12. I can tell you most Canadians aren’t dumb at all….hell most potheads aren’t as dumb as Candice!

  13. >_<
    Candice makes me ashamed to live in Saskatchewan and be a "pothead." I promise you we're not all that ridiculous.

  14. Turns out Mr. Deadbabies is a republican. Interesting, but not at all surprising…
    By the way, pot causes more braindamage and makes you generally emotionally stunted… I’m not saying alcohol’s not bad for you, I’m just tired of people defending pot like there is some kind of basic human right and obligation to smoke it. on the other hand, the only reason alcohol (and tobacco, for that sake) is legal is the fact that it is backed by huge, powerful corporations with plenty of politicians in their pockets.

  15. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @14 you sir, should get your facts right. Weed does not cause brain damage, not even if heavily used. My guess is that your are an American citizen and it isn’t for nothing that I refer to the USA as Canada’s retarded big brother.

  16. ^Wasn’t that Jon Stewart, only the other way around?

  17. @ #15 – no it doesn’t cause physical damage to the grey matter, but it is proven to cause pyschosis in some cases. I smoke a quarter of an ounce every single day, and I’m dying to quit because it’s fucking my life up and screwing with my mental state. I don’t care what anybody says, weed IS addictive and it will fuck with you if you get too heavily into it.

  18. Weed does cause psychosis in some people: I knew a guy who smoked weed just about all the time. When I first met him he was okay, but he got weirder and more detached as months went by. Eventually he thought he was the messiah of some marijuana-religion, walked into an antique-store across the road from where I worked and said he was the new Messiah and he was taking everybody to heaven with him and almost gave the shopkeeper a heart attack. Other people I’ve known stay pretty much sane, so its a case-by-case basis I presume.

  19. I thought only American kids typed that awful WiggerTalk.

  20. @throwingtofu It’s called Blinglish either that or he’s got a really strong Blacent

  21. @15 I really can’t take you seriously, as; 1. You assume I’m a man, 2. You assume I’m American, 3. The only way you’re trying to disprove my point is by calling me (as I’m obviously an American…) retarded.

  22. I agree with what Candice is saying, just not how she said it. Maybe save the green until after school.

  23. #14 – You are incorrect about pot causing brain damage. TCH sits in and blocks receptor vehicles in the brain forcing it to use different pathways. The TCH eventually leaves and frees those receptor vehicles up. The only long term damage from pot is from smoking it. If you eat it then you will see no long term effects from pot.

  24. @ number 14, you think drug cartels don’t have just as many politicians and figures of authority on their pay roll? Funny though, soon as a topic of interest comes up, you all seem a little more human 🙂

  25. @ #23 slimjayz… you just disproved your point… it’s T-H-C not TCH… have a nice day smoking weed!

  26. @ Jakeflick – Dyslexia is a long-term effect of smoking weed? Cool story bro

  27. Smoking ANYTHING causes a certain amount of brain damage by inhaling smoke, therefore, smoking weed DOES cause brain damage…

  28. @ Slimjayz – you gotta admit it’s at least pschologically addictive though bro, my mood changes when I run out of pot. I get teasy, and stressed, act like an asshole. It might not leave long term damage, but it can definitely mess with your mind. IDK about eating it. Fuck this, I’m off for a blaze.

  29. Yeah let’s resolve the whole “how harmful is pot” issue right here on lamebook, when we all know that the science on the issue is not exactly up to scratch. Pah.
    What about alcohol though? Even though she is retarded, Candice makes a valid point. Alcohol is an insidious, dangerous drug that causes all kinds of bad behaviour with even worse consequences. Alcohol causes more health problems and misery than any other drug in the world. It’s open use is accepted throughout western society, and in fact, failure to engage in certain alcohol cultures can cause those people to be shunned.
    The point Candice makes is, if I’m reading it correctly, that alcohol is worse than pot. She’s right. That’s not to say that pot is not harmful, but it is not as bad as alcohol.
    *waits for the outcry from the drinkers*

  30. I like pot.

  31. and booze.

  32. Actually, there is plenty of scientific evidence that in certain ways alcohol is much worse for you than pot. Of course, some people only believe what they want

  33. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Outcry @ SLG

  34. Oh, for fuck’s sake. There are good points and bad points about weed, alcohol, the sun and fried chicken for that matter. If people have the information required to make a decision on whether to consume something, then the government should just take a backseat and let the consumers have at it…and allow the consumers to bear any forthcoming consequences.

    No wonder the generations coming up behind us are, and will continue to be, useless and overly dependent on others to make their decisions for them.

  35. ^It is a learned/taught helplessness.
    You get taught from the moment you Enter the System to sit down, shut up and do as you are damn well told by the nearest Figure of Authority.
    Apparently if left to our own cognisance, most of us would run with scissors, attempt to copulate with rusty machinery and eat paint. Except me. I wouldn’t.

  36. ^^ Lack that figure, huh?
    I think/HOPE you were being sarcastic, ‘cos what child would masturbate with machinery? Rusty at that? In fact, what child would masturbate, when undoubtedly you’d do it for them? I’m pretty sure it’s the female adults of the world who poke themselves with battery operated (does that make it a machine? If it has a red light you’re basically fucking the terminator) vibrators. But why be sarcastic about eating paint and running with scissors? Unless you weren’t being sarcastic but then we’re back to my first point…you word things pretty, but you’re still just as much an attention seeking whore as the rest of us who post on Lamebook.

  37. ^get to the fucking point, numbnuts.

  38. True, MsAnne, but children kind of do need that guidance and stricture, otherwise they’d never sit still long enough to learn anything… ah shit. Never mind. My argument is invalid if it rests on the learning abilities of modern youth.

    crusty, I missed your point. Or points. Or whatever.

  39. Jesus, I’m from Sask. I promise we have plenty more to do than this girl/are not completely uneducated. People like this make us all look like we live in hay forts and ride cows;or live in igloos, whatever you believe. Honestly, I am embarassed.

    Off to milk my llama.

  40. why the fuck would you even make your middle name deadbabies? dummmmmbasssss

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