Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trans-Siberian Dorkestra


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  1. This is so full of win it’s ridiculous.


  3. I suppose there are worse ways to spend an hour or so of one’s time, but I can’t currently think of any. Also, it seems silly to point this out, but Ryan actually lost with his first post, as trans fats is a two word phrase, not a compound work. In other words, this transvesty could/should have been avoided.

  4. Genocide, I hope you were trying to be ‘funny’ with that spelling of travesty. And if you were, you’re not funny.

  5. This is AWESOME. Unlike Genocide Jones.

  6. someone has a dictionnary…

  7. I was being satirical.

  8. that was actually funny. transmorgify = win

  9. travesty shouldn’t be avoided.

    a literary or artistic burlesque of a serious work or subject, characterized by grotesque or ludicrous incongruity of style, treatment, or subject matter.

  10. this^^ owns

  11. There are clearly no winners here…

  12. sadly enough, either my friends and I or my sisters and I would do something like this, and have.

  13. Man, why does nothing this awesome ever happen in my Facebook feed? Even with the typos and “trans fats”, it’s still infinitely better than mundane tellings of mall visits and “i dunno what do you wanna do”s.

  14. sweet

  15. they forgot TRANS-MOTHERFUCKERS.

  16. Science Fiction..


    ManBearPig fits in too

  18. I was trying to take a picture of a potential lamebook entry that was much longer than the screen itself, just like this one. Does anyone know how to do that on a mac?

  19. I also like how they didn’t blur out Sandra J’s name.

  20. Or, uh. Susan J, not like it matters. lol

  21. Hahaha @Jessica, Rocky Horror ftw

  22. This is the best use of Facebook I’ve ever seen in my life. This gave me a great idea for a mini-lesson (I’m a teacher…).

  23. TRANSMOGRIFY … calvin & hobbes FTW!!@!

  24. I love Genocide Jones

  25. The lamest shit I’ve seen so far

  26. fucking nerds…

  27. What are you talking about? This is amazing!

  28. Jon + Ryan = totally my heroes! This is not LAMEbook here, this is MADEOFWINbook!

  29. fakeplastictrees


  30. submitted by poster… lame to the maxx.

  31. These guys get mad pussy.

  32. This isn’t lame. This is win.

  33. So win.

  34. I WIN!

  35. For fuck’s sake! It’s June guys, get your ass away from your computer and do something, like get girlfriends or at the very least, JERK OFF!!

  36. ohh! ryan, you sly dog, you almost had me at transchild!

  37. C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!!!!

  38. Did they say Transporter? Very entertaining tho

  39. I think I’m meant to be friends with these people. I play this game in my head when I’m in a boring class.

  40. OMG. Biggest losers ever!

  41. Dude, I would totally do this.

    Correction: I have done things like this.

    You two rock.

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