Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Trapping Trevor

This guy was using a dating app and decided to send a woman an unsolicited dick pic. The woman then found his mom on Facebook and sent it to her. (Entire text after the jump)


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  1. I’m sure he’ll appreciate that. Perhaps he’ll hang one on his wall, and the other one on the cieling above his bed.

  2. If one of my friends had received a random cock picture it would have been sent to me so that we could calmly judge it for size, shape, and overall appearance. There would then be a discussion on whether or not the personality-cock combination makes sleeping with him a possibility. And then we would make fun of him.

  3. Can we stop using mind numbingly retarded phrases like “Rape Culture”. That isn’t a real thing.

  4. As a woman who has received PLENTY of “glamour shots”, I think this post is freaking hilarious! Why is everyone judging and commenting on this post like it personally offened them? It’s a PENIS!!! Get over it! He sent a random woman a picture of his penis. That is funny. She felt harrassed and so she sent the picture and conversation to his Mom… Freaking priceless! Honestly guys, it’s just a body part. Just laugh and move on.

  5. Deb? Stupid Dane?? I’m waiting on your adresses to deliver your prizes.

  6. Lol. I just watched lamebookers argue on the interwebz. My day is now complete.

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