Wednesday, May 19, 2010


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  1. I’m laughing at the first one because I’m preeetyyy sure he broke the bin.

    As for the second one? Maybe he was playing the trombone so hardcore he passed out from lack of oxygen. Otherwise, I don’t see why you’d stack him up with soft drink cans, but leave the alcohol bottles out of the shot. And if he just passed out at the end of a pizza party, well that probably explains how it ended up on facebook.

  2. “This one time at Band Camp……….”

  3. Everyone missed the lame Duke sticker on the truck in the first one. Duke fans are totally lame.

  4. everyone except post #4 right off the bat.

  5. My dad is a garbage man and he loves it!

    He was a police officer throughout my whole childhood and, when all his kids had grown up and left home, he indulged his fantasy and became a garbage man.

    His garbage truck is quite fancy, it’s all electronic and he doesn’t have to get out of the cab at all.

    He has filled the interior with Oscar the Grouch teddies and the little kids wait outside for him to pick up their trash cans and wave.

    He’s so proud, he even cleans his truck himself and drives past our house and poses with it while my Mum takes photo’s.

    That is all, thank you for listening.

  6. MachineGun Monica

    @ mcowles #28 Since when is being a garbage man a crappy job? My husband is one and he makes good money and he has great medical/dental benefits and has paid vacation/sick days etc. AND he loves it…

    Oh and he’s a pretty damn sexy garbageman at that!

  7. There is nothing whatsoever wrong with being a garbage man! They work hard. It’s a steady job, with very good benefits.

  8. ariesdragon123

    He is probably working outside their house and thus she knew he would be there and snapped a pic of him. I highly doubt that he is stealing, as the garbage truck is clearly operating. He is wearing heavy duty gloves, and ugly clothes that help you breath and you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. His socks are white, therefore freshly laundered, therefore he is probably isn’t homeless. Not that they don’t wear clean clothing, but it usually would collect dirt if he was dumpster diving. There really isn’t anything all that funny about this picture at all, and I don’t see why it was included.

  9. ariesdragon?!?!? Damnit, I know it’s you Andy Dick. GO HOME! GO!

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