Monday, May 7, 2012

Trilogy Trouble

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  1. Finished watching the terminator movies. I love pretending I dont have exams.

    No future but what we make for ourselves.

    Oh, and this is fake.

  2. ColostomyExplosion

    I am leaning towards fake because of the poor quality of the photo. Seriously, screen print and MS Paint does a perfect job.


    Seriously people not every clever little joke on here is fake. People are perfectly capable of being witty. Jeez…

  4. Dawn of the Dan

    Incorrect, drbathroommd.
    Humans are incapable of such levels of wit as are displayed in the post.
    It is fake.

  5. ColostomyExplosion

    I’m not stating the joke is fake, but the quality of the photo leads me to believe it is.

  6. I Hate You All!!1!!!one!1!!eleven

  7. Drbathrrommd, incorrect. You just dont get it, do you?

  8. What a weak joke.

  9. Fakebook

  10. Dawn of the Dan

    All joking aside, this is actually pretty funny, or more accurately, WAS pretty funny, when it was posted to lamebook THE FIRST TIME, a few months ago.

  11. Dawn of the Dan you’re completely right

  12. “Why do you cry?”
    “What, you mean people?”

  13. BeboStunnah2kai12

    Dawn of the Dan, you are wrong again.

    It was sent by email.

  14. If I were a character from these books I’d be the actual ring itself… because I’m a bad guy who constantly wants somebody’s finger in him.

    Which character would you be and why?.. No, scratch that, I don’t give a fuck.

  15. I would be the T1000.

  16. and i would destroy you.

  17. chill out, dickwad

  18. i use a blender for a condom

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