Friday, December 23, 2011

Trollin’ Beleibers

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  1. I don’t have twitter. But anyone who does needs to seriously go and abuse @JennySlade7 for being a massive loser.

    She tweeted Justin Bieber the same thing about 100 times and eventually got a response, and now is all ‘look at me now’. It makes me angry just thinking about it.

  2. How do you know about that since you don’t have a Twitter, Elizabeth?

  3. I have my housemate’s login details saved on my laptop from when she used it once however I don’t think she’d appreciate me using her account for those purposes!

    Can you not see that stuff without an account anyway?

  4. Oy vey, Elizabeth, thanks for sending me down THAT rabbit hole.


  6. Elizabeth, you seem a little cunty.
    The cuntiness will probably get beaten out of you when you start your new life on the inside for illegally accessing your friends’ twitter account. have you also had a snoop around her email account?

  7. ummmm, i’m pretty sure you don’t go to prison for using your room-mate’s twitter.

  8. Merry Christmas

  9. Actually, what she did is illegal. The Electonic Communications Privacy Act (“ECPA”) of 1986 and subsequent court decisions make the detection of contents of e-mail, unauthorized facebook or other social media during transit illegal. Furthermore, if the intended recipient of the e-mail does not voluntarily distribute the e-mail to others, the contents are still regarded as private.

    The exceptions to this would be if the e-mail sent were copyrighted. Few people put the copyright legend on their e-mail, but it does prohibit the recipient from distributing the e-mail unless he wishes to violate copyright laws. Another exception would be if your e-mail messages were on a server and not been distributed to their recipients. In that case there is not interception under the law.

    The USA Patriot Act of 2001 weakens the privacy created by ECPA in that it allows the government to gain access to the header information in all e-mail sent by anyone to anyone in the United States. If the government believes that a sender constitutes a threat to the country, it can obtain the message body of all affected e-mail messages.

  10. I think Elizabeth is pretty much a cunt for accessing her roommate’s Twitter, but also for encouraging abuse on some poor deluded teenage girl. Especially since she used the qualifier “for being a massive loser”. Like trolling a little kid with questionable music tastes doesn’t make YOU a loser. Get a hobby, asshole.

  11. Ya Elizabeth, get a hobby asshole!

  12. yeeeeeeeesssPlease some Christmas spirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!!

  13. i don’t disagree that she should leave her room mate’s twitter alone, and she is bullying this girl she calls a loser. i completely agree with you. i just don’t think anyone who uses a friend’s facebook goes to jail…. i think the cops have bigger fish to fry. maybe they’d use that act as a way to put a terrorist in jail, like getting a mobster on tax evasion….

  14. also it probably would be a small fine at most rather than leading to a “life on the inside.”

  15. Since Elizabeth’s roommate voluntarily saved her login information on E.’s computer, Elizabeth’s obtained the information through perfectly legitimate means. Furthermore she is not intercepting the data ‘in transit’ so ECPA doesn’t apply.
    In other words as I read the law, E.’s actions are entirely legal. Plus as she said, you can see anyone’s tweets (unless they are set to private) so she wouldn’t need to use the login to see this Bieberloser’s tweets anyway, most likely.

    Finally, I don’t care how young you are, liking Bieber makes you an excellent trolling target.

  16. Fuck You and the drunk school janitor you had sex with Elizabeth! oh, nvm, you already did!!!
    don’t worry everyone, Liz is sore at me for telling her older brother who told her rents that she lost it to a 37 year old Mexican, LMAO!
    ai ai ai!!!!!


  18. “dragon74” stop trying to be a smartarse.

    As it happens, I study law at university in England, where the “Electonic” (Did you mean Electronic? Better use spell check next time you’re trying to be patronising) Communications Privacy Act does not apply. Try Again. My house mate is well aware I have her log in details and is fine with it. The reason I haven’t replied sooner is not because I am in prison, it’s because I have a life outside the internet.

    It is also very amusing that whilst I am being condoned for calling this irritating little brat a ‘loser’ which she definitely is, I have earned the title ‘cunt’ and ‘asshole’ by default. People on the internet are so hilarious nowadays.

    Anyhow, I’m going back to my actual life now, I expect upon my return that I have probably incurred a fresh load of abuse involving you all de-constructing my post (and you tell me to get a hobby, ha!), which I look forward to reading. Happy New Year.

  19. elizabeth i made this account just to say… you’re a cunt

    have a nice day

  20. Elizabeth, who the fuck condoned you calling that chick a loser? Are you confused by words? Are you really studying law? Truly?

    Besides, people are calling you a cunt not because you called someone a name, but because you were attempting to incite online abuse and bullying for no other reason than…fuck, who knows the inner workings of your mind? But it is clear to all of us, you are a self-righteous cunt.

  21. Elizabeth – I think you are confusing the word “condoned” (meaning to accept and allow) with the word “condemnded” (meaning the complete opposite). Don’t do that in court!

    P.S good luck getting a job with your fake degree that you graduated from on an internet forum.

  22. sad.

  23. Life is better when you have a Stratford phone #. 😉

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