Wednesday, September 15, 2010

True Thug Life

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  1. If he don’t give a fuck…. then why is trying so hard to prove that he don’t give a fuck?

    so he cares about not caring! strange 😛

  2. New commandments to live by?

    Granite, they’re a slightly different take on the old ones, but I do like some of them.

  3. ‘Cause there’s just so much ghetto in… Bloomington, Illinois.


  4. Don’t take my granite, bro!

  5. I don’t want to take this post for granite, but it’s shite.

  6. i can dig several of these particular #5

    lol tho of Joliet and Bloomington as the ghetto
    i know a few ppl who live there

  7. im finna drive n watch some netflix nigga

    ~sincerely, dirtylittlepretty

  8. I noticed that Darnell lives in Texasas. Personally, I live in Norwayay. That’s in Scandinavavia.

  9. jeg elsker norske jenter

  10. And I never take something for granite. I sometimes take things for monzonite though. And I once took something for quartz diorite too. Which is bad.

    We… Love you too?

  11. The commandments came from the movie “Freaknik” that aired on Adult Swim.

  12. Even the missing commandment?

  13. When I hear Joliet, I immediately think of the prison that’s there. This in turn leads me to think of the Blues Brothers (Belushi’s “Joliet” Jake is named so due to the prison). They too were on a mission from God, though I believe thier commandments were slightly different… except #10 that is.

  14. I am stunned that Darnell is single. I mean, he DRIVES. Plus, who turns down a sexy date that consists of pizza rolls and netflix.

  15. Don’t give that guy credits for the ghetto commandments, they were from Freaknik: The Musical

  16. Just a little tip for all of you thinking granite was a typo. Granite=rock=crack.

  17. it seems things are looking up on lamebook.

    darnell &co are doing their level best to inject some much needed douchebaggery back into our lives, there have been much needed cameos by katy and krasivaya (missed you both!), and now we even have scandinavavian girls!!! herregud!

    and it’s not even christmas yet…


  18. Yeah, oh my God, we Scandinavavian girls are the the best! ^^

  19. I’m really glad I live right next to Bloomington.

  20. Hey Alord! 😀 Missed you too! My firm suddenly blocked LB so I’ve been sadly farting around other internet sites. Not nearly as much fun. Where’s the rest of the crew?

  21. well katy i’m in bed and just about to nod off, and i can confirm none of the aforementioned are in here with me, more’s the pity. unless bulldog’s hiding in a crease in my duvet. i’ll get back to you.

  22. You should all be careful laughing at Darnell, cause he will fuck you up. And he DRIVES.

  23. Darnell, I would definitely smoke weed too if my life was as boring as yours.

    He seems very proud of the fact that he can drive. A pretty big achievement for a 23 year old, I’m sure. Really Darnell, is that all you got?

    Can anyone explain “finna” to me? I’ve seen it quite a few times before but never knew what it meant.

  24. @EmKitteh

    lol, “finna” is the ghetto way to say “fixin” in the south. “fixin” mean “going to” like “I’m Gonna go take a shower”, “I’m fixin to take a shower” “I’m finna take a shower”

    Also, I believe finna may act as a synonym to the “jones”, but im not positive about that one.

    “Fittin” is another one, rather then “finna”

    Hope I helped you with your Ghetto Ebonics.

  25. Ok smashed, what does it mean to “pop bottles on models” ????

  26. Ah, thankyou smashead. This has been very educational.

  27. POP BOTTLES on MODELS Im dying to know what that means?

  28. @librosity
    I’m not 100% on this but I think it’s when one pops open a bottle of champange and sprays the fizz all over a “ladies” tits. Not to be wasted on any old hoe, one should only use this move on a model.

  29. ahhh. ya. duh.

  30. krasivaya_devushka

    Hey alords! Missed you too! 😀
    I got back at the end of August but haven’t had time to check in here.

    How have you been? I see it’s mostly new people on here.

  31. It’s gangstas like this who make my life a world of constant fear, scared to leave my own house, terrified that some angsty pre-op fucktard is going to say something mean to me.

    On a lighter note I think it’s cool that Darnell drives…. it means there’s more chance of him being horrifically maimed in a car crash.

  32. Lol!

    “My name Darnell i 23 n i drive”
    Obviously a major accomplishment in your life if you have to bragg about it.

    “I finna eat pizza rolls”
    Just wtf is finna???

    I would really like to see your employment app after you filled it out.Should be good for a couple of laughs .

  33. @23, “finna” is an extreme bastardization of a slang expression common to Texas: “fixing to”. The proper use is something along the lines of, “I’m fixing to eat some pizza rolls.”

    “Fixing to” becomes “fixin’ to”, which then becomes “fixin’ ta” and then “finna”.

    No, the expression doesn’t quite make sense, but I use it myself every single day (“fixing to”, not “finna”). It’s my belief that “fixing to” is a shortened version of “fixing myself to”, meaning “getting myself prepared to”.

    I’m a bit of an etymology nerd and love trying to figure out where colloquialisms may have started, so apologies for the geek out in this comment…

  34. I think the “Just wtf is finna???” was rhetorical. Thanks for the incredible insight to the world of slang though.

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