Friday, April 5, 2013

Trust Issues

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  1. Apple, how could you have named that product after a feminine hygiene product haha.

  2. Judging on him going to these sites, Joe doesn’t own a legitimate iPad, and most likely gets his from those “FREE IPADS/WIN A FREE IPAD” websites. He’s lying to his friends. Why?

    Because he loves the internet. He totally trusts it.

  3. Obviously you’re doing it wrong. I have an abundance of iPads that I won for being the 1,000,000,000th visitor. I resell them on eBay.

    The trick is not to fall for all the scams and fake flashy ads. If the webpage plays some sort of jingle and says “congratulations, you WON!”, you’ve done it right.

    Now, to properly do this you have to be the 999,999,999th visitor and hit F5. Then you need to fill in your zip code and telephone number to verify eligibility, sign up for the free college info at ITT Tech, order 10 music Cd’s from Columbia House for 1 cent (don’t forget to give them your credit card or it won’t work, you don’t want to mess up this far in! So don’t risk it.), and sign up for the book club, take out a free, no interest pay day loan, and order the free baby formula.

    Only then will you be prompted to enter your address for the free iPad. Then all you have to do is wait the standard 6-8 weeks for delivery and BAM! Free iPad! It’s that easy guys, in fact, I have one on the way RIGHT NOW! I can’t wait to get it.

  4. Same here Joe. But in my case, it’s because I give away all those won iPads to the cute semi-nude girls and horny housewives who wait patiently in my city hoping to have sex with me.

  5. I love alarming discrepancies. They’re so easy to alarm.

  6. Is everybody having a good weekend?

  7. I’m too busy trying to get my hands on the Prince of Nigeria’s money to care about iPads. Once I have it I’ll be able to afford all the iPads I want!

  8. I’m not saying Joe loves cock, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a bukkake from 10 horny black guys.

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