Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Try Again, JR

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  1. How do people go through life so thick and humorless? I would just kill myself if I couldn’t figure out such a rudimentary joke.

  2. well i must be thick and humorless because i am missing something. he says he watched the whole thing but was grossed out by it. that’s the joke, i get that, and the commenter reiterates that by asking why he watched the whole thing. am i missing something?

  3. *facepalm*
    @2.thejesus, he didn’t watch it by accident. He liked it, that’s the joke.

  4. that’s fuckin stupid man.

  5. ^ Something is definitely fucking stupid here, man. Not sure if it’s the joke though.

  6. haha, i’m stupid because i get the world’s most overused double entendre and just don’t understand why they think the commenter doesn’t get it? okay

  7. JR definitely didn’t get the joke. At all. It went over his or her head like a Messerschmidt attacking a harp seal.

  8. I understand the mechanics of the joke but I don’t find it funny. Not necessarily because it’s not funny on its own merit, but because I have heard so many jokes along the same lines in my life. Younger people or those who haven’t heard it an inordinate amount of times will enjoy it more.

  9. I don’t understand! The commenter makes a good point, in that Pauliee [sic] seems to have watched the gay pornography for a very long time. Had the click truly been an accident, one would expect one or two minutes of viewing, rather than a full ninety minutes. I don’t understand what there is for JR to “get!” Actually, I wonder if this is the same JR I know…. We’re both patients at CSCPBWASH (The Cedars Sinai Center for Persons Born Without Any Sense of Humor).

  10. @8 – That’s not the point. The point is that JR didn’t get the obvious joke, and still didn’t get it when he explained it to himself.

    Of course, he could just be a terrible troll and is trying to destroy the humor in the joke.

  11. Hot.

  12. Oh my sweet fuck. Here I was, hoping that JR was an isolated incident of humanity losing hope, when ALONG come you dumbasses!!! (Beatus excl.)

  13. Thejonsays needs to hand back his membership card here

  14. the problem here is that the joke the guy made was funny, and JR’s response, “why’d you watch it for an hour and a half then? Lol” clearly implies that he is laughing because the dude said he accidentally clicked it but watched the whole thing. the joke was made, the joke was got. this isn’t philosophy, i don’t know why you all insist on trying to read so deeply into this exacerbated drivel.


  15. ^ What’s your last name, Jon? I’m guessing it starts with an “R.”

  16. That shit don’t flush.

  17. I dont get whats so difficult to understand…. Clearly pauliee was making a joke and it went way over JRs head…I just felt like trolling JR, cuz clearly pauliee didnt watch it that long. JR just didnt get that part that it was sarcasm.

    and if you dont get this, how do some of you people even get past the registration page here?

  18. ^ Welcome to Lamebook, Alex.

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