Sunday, November 15, 2009

TTeam Work


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  1. very true. grandma’s house?

  2. I don’t think they’re smashed… it’s half-three and the light in the room would suggest that that’s not in the morning.

  3. ^ ever heard of an invention called the light bulb? white balance functions on camera’s are pretty good at evening the colour out. the reflection in the clock face suggests a light…

  4. i wonder what the next 8 photos in the album are of

  5. how did everyone just assume that these 2 guys were drunk? its clear that the black shirt guy is not holding his penis..!! maybe they’re just gay (Weekend at Randy’s!)…looks more like is leaning over to kiss him rather than hold his thing.

  6. Why on earth would “weekend at Randy’s” signify ‘gay’?
    If you’re form North America it’s a pretty common non-gay name!

  7. *from

  8. That’s serious pee work.

  9. As someone who has had to clean up the pee from a drunken male who just couldn’t hit the bowl, please, if you are smashed, sit down, you could even have a little snooze while you’re sat down

  10. I have no words.

  11. “weekend at randy’s” nuf said!

  12. Just wondering, why doesn’t lamebook block out the faces of the people shown in the family photos? They’re clear enough to distinguish and just about the same size as the facebook profile thumbnails that get blurred out.

  13. @carpe: I know! Lamebook says they will blur out your pictures and tells you not to.. but then you upload it and they don’t! Why not just let us blur it out then? They could include instructions for the blurring method they use and everyone can do it themselves.. and it’d be less work and more updates for Lamebook.

  14. Apparently they need another home slice in there to help. Even with the two of them in there, looks like the one guy is still managing to over-shoot the bowl.

  15. Nor’n monkey, thought you were in the uk. You should have said you were in Oz, I’d have bought ya a beer šŸ™‚

  16. Am I the only woman who finds the “GET RIPPED LIKE HOLLYWOOD ACTORS” etc ad on the right utterly disgusting? I’d rather lay in bed with that nice Jewish guy.

  17. Just gotta say one thing

  18. Sixty Ninth

  19. @56 Non-gay name? What does that even mean? Like parents name their children knowing what sexual orientation they’re going to be.

    I’m pretty sure ass-u-me was pointing out that “weekend at” implies homoerotic activity, not the name Randy (although, it does make it better).

  20. Doesn’t “randy” mean “horny” in British slang?

  21. Randy means hourny in British slang. You forgot the extra u’s that the Brits put in every word that starts with an h.

  22. No, the British don’t put a “u” in horny, we just spell it the regular way.

  23. No, because that would then be pronounced ‘ow-er-nee’. Fuckwit.

    But yes, Ms.Terri, ‘randy’ is slang for horny in british english.

  24. I like turtles.

  25. @Kellie/Badger

    I’m sure Timecheck didn’t really think it was spelled “hourny”. It seems obvious that he was just making fun of British spelling. I guess since you’re both British, the comedy went over your heads. Maybe if there was some ridiculous music and some guy getting chased around by 3 cops with billy clubs, you’d laugh a bit easier?

  26. @mcowles


  27. HAHA! I know who this is. It’s actually a pic taken by Xavier he’s not in this pic. Wifey showed this to me a while back. Pretty funny.

  28. VillageIdiot… damnit, I should be more vocal about my whereabouts, since beer is ALWAYS good! I’m a UK northern monkey living the expat life in oz šŸ™‚

  29. @RingingInMyHead
    You know, now you ask, I realise that was a complete fail on my part…
    I meant: just because you’re called Randy, doesn’t mean you’re gay. I assumed ass-u-me meant the name since I couldn’t see anything remotely ‘gay’ about the word ‘weekend’. There’s a weekend at the end of every week… by this thinking we’d all be straight Monday through Friday, and gay at the weekends.

    My brain hurts. I think I need a beer. Where’s VillageIdiot?

  30. Why didn’t he just sit down instead?

  31. Clearly the best part is the “FAMILY” sign.

  32. @nor’n monkey: I’m also an expat- from Italy all the way to Taswegia O_o

  33. This photo needs to be tagged.

  34. “Randy means hourny in British slang. You forgot the extra uā€™s that the Brits put in every word that starts with an h.”
    I’s say the English get to set the stardards of ENGLISH.

  35. Timecheck – there is no extra u in horny. Retarded much?

  36. AHAHA!! Awh that’s amazing *wipes a tear from eye*

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