Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. lamebook post is lame.

  2. Oh Angelique – you just brightened up my day

  3. typos are wearing very fin, theyre not lame, just boreing now

  4. poor matthew, i bet for a few minutes there he thought all his christmases were about to come at once.

  5. is it me or should #2 be the other way round

  6. @sosr – nice pun

  7. Knowing how many TMI posts are submitted to Lamebook, I doubt that Ally’s status actually has a typo in it.

  8. You need a good fire distinguisher. What if you think you have a grease fire and it’s really electrical???

  9. Wow, I’ve never put blowing on my itinerary. Well, maybe that one time. OK, I rarely put blowing on my itinerary. Maybe when I’m married. I heard married people schedule sex.

  10. Big Red X Anna… Married guys dont get the blowing, scheduled or unscheduled 🙁

  11. I’m sure Krystle’s thrilled to be on the “deen’s” list of “special” people.

  12. Eh. Spelling mistake.

  13. I think lamebook got it wrong too, the blowing should be TMI

  14. last one – who cares if it’s spelt wrong, song’s still epic. this grammar shits going way too far these days

  15. is this the same Angelique with the doooonkkkkkkkkk?

  16. So Kayla had 38 minutes to ponder over the differences between “you’re” and “your” and then spelt it wrong AGAIN.

  17. hahahaha @ Ms.Terri. That’s what I was thinking when I read that too.

  18. in Kayla’s defense..that is a great great song..

  19. Ruining a good song with poor spelling ftl.

  20. Oh slim, say it ain’t so!

  21. Did you hear that boys! Blowing at 9:30! Better hurry, she’s got a line forming.

  22. Oh its so… I better get in line

  23. Jesus, I hate Kayla and I don’t even know her face. Good effort on her part.

  24. It’s a school night. Can we make it 8:30?

  25. worst_episode_ever

    blowing at 9:30… ha

  26. Brody’s status made me laugh so hard.

  27. Lmfao, fire distinguisher. “Yes, it’s definitely a fire.” “Oh thank god, I was so worried!”

  28. Wait, I forgot we were talking about her line. Sorry, I’m tired and stoney and clueless. My blowing is at 6:30 on school nights, 11:30 on Fridays and Saturdays.

    @slim – Really? Man…

  29. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    The lamest part about this is the name Krystle.

  30. Charade wins with the decription of the fire distinguisher. I chuckled.

  31. YES Angelique is a moron YES she got some bozo’s name tattooed where everyone can see it YES he’ll dump her sorry ass DIS YEAR…N YES we all saw it coming. So wat?

  32. bollywood_rocks83

    Anna, single people schedule sex too. When your boyfriend is a 9-5 working person and you’re a 10am-10pm student, ya kinda have to. 🙂 We aim to catch up once we get married.

    2. As someone on the Dean’s list and has been for the better part of college and high school, it really is not a big deal. It only tells the world that you keep up with your studying not that you’re intelligent.

    /Rant over.

  33. Bollywood, interesting that as a ‘single’ person you have to schedule sex with your boyfriend due to time issues. If that’s your definition of single, then I feel for the unnamed breed who have no boyfriends at all…

  34. Fire Distinguisher has me imagining a fire wearing, like, a monocle, and twirling its snappy little mustache.

  35. Eruption of Nothing

    Has anyone ever felt insulted by the word ‘mean’? I can’t imagine someone losing sleep over it.
    “I can’t believe they called me mean! I guess after that there’s nothing left but to quietly slip away into the night and start a new life as a fish scaler in Reykjavik.”

  36. I don’t think Ally spelt it wrong.

  37. bollywood_rocks83

    @Nivea: Touche. I use single to signify that we’re not married,not living together and have not been together that long(9 months). I will continue to be “single” until we get engaged or move in together.

  38. Grammar rules! Fire distinguisher! BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  39. I would love to have a fire distinguisher. Sometimes it’s just too hard to distinguish whether it’s a fire or not.

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