Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. you guys are all bad people! just jokes- i thinks dat yer vury smarts.

  2. Drug basement.

    ^^^^^ Troll.

  3. Crystal. Enough said

  4. ok so i’m probably going to get crucified for not knowing this, but what is a troll? i see the term all the time and unfortunately i’m not really internet savvy.. go easy on me, i’m an intellectually internetally challenged.

  5. Am I the only one who doesn’t think it’s all that funny if people actually correct their typos?

  6. It could be worse, James. My dad told the cops I was a drug cellar.

  7. Billy, personally I prefer my men well cooked. Try them hot and spicy next time.

    Hmmm I never realised Mr Luther King was a martian. My lesson of the day.

  8. There’s no way Crystal could actually be that stupid, right?

  9. What I don’t understand is why people correct their typos instead of deleting the status and typing a new one. People are moronsssss

  10. @9 That’s what makes me think a lot of these are fake. Especially the ‘going to eat out my mom’ type statuses.

    Has anyone noticed that Lamebook’s legal fund took a substantial jump?

  11. hpcan #4, you have got to be trolling.

  12. @mattymc, they threw a big ass donation party in Austin on Friday.

  13. Any body else the 999 999th visitor here??

    im so excieted to see what i won

  14. I enjoy Lamebook as much as the next guy (which lately isn’t saying much) but I can certainly see better uses for $16,000 that to support the legal fund of a bunch of people who maybe should have been a little bit proactive in avoiding a lawsuit to begin with.

    “Hey Little African kid…I’m sorry you still have the malaria and stuff but the good news is that Lamebook is still up and running!”

  15. *than

  16. How about you donate 16 000 to that little African child and be more pro active for that little African child.

    maybe you could invest in a cotton field and give him a job?

    You can sign him this song to send him to sleep http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFHOzarT78Q

  17. @Conor terrible…

  18. I was just giving him another option is all.

  19. @wandr haha oh boy- that clears a few things up… thank you:)
    @vincent- it’s not my fault that i was born with orange hair that sticks straight up and that i walk around topless putting jewels in my bellybutton:( it’s part of my ocd.

  20. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    It’s like Crystal was trying to see how many typos she could fit into a quote about intelligence.

  21. @Conor where do you come across this in your daily browsing of the net? Did you just type in “weird vaguely offensive shit” on your search bar? Or do you just use internet exploiter?

  22. Whenever I typo a status or forget a word or it sounds weird… I delete it and re-write it. Am I the only one?

  23. Internet exploiter. nice.

  24. You’re not the only one buzzkillington. Haha.

  25. lol

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