Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. I hate tuesday the same way i hate friday and Rebecca Black.

  2. Oh My God #5 is epic, #4 is really lame.

  3. #3 just is stupid

  4. I hope the person who essentially called the married couple from #1 stupid never reproduces since they don’t realize that it’s usually the friends of the married couple who write that on the back of the car. That’s why the couple comes out of the church to find the car decorated so they can drive off with cans clanking behind the car. Oh, and #2 is so true, the biggest problem with the youngest generation is the complete lack of attention to communicating clearly (there’s a reason that spelling and grammar were normalized, and it wasn’t to give grammar Nazis something to complain about).

  5. keychain – it’s a good thing you have your xbox to occupy your time when your boss is fucking your mom and watching porno on that HDTV. And it was quite thoughtful of you to get her that laptop because now she can webcam her sex life across the internet. I hope she has a little sign in the front that says “I’m keychains mom”. Have a nice day =D

  6. Bieber, not Beiber.

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