Monday, February 13, 2012


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  1. Perfectly? Perfectly fisted, if you ask me.

  2. racist cunt! she said the ‘n’ word! i’m telling my mum!

  3. Oh God. Someone goes by the name “Perfectly”.

  4. Err, sorry, beatus. Of COURSE I pay attention to your posts.

  5. If you don’t want a kid don’ have unprotected sex, stupid ladies, this is half your fault.

  6. Another idiotess chooses a knuckledragger for a babydaddy and then whines when he won’t help raise the kid, what did you expect? Well, now I’ll be paying more medicaid and food stamps and subsidized this and subsidized that and responsible men get the bills so the knuckledraggers can go off scot free and get the next woman pregnant. Thanks, I really wanted nothing more with my life than to be forced to clean up others’ steaming shitpiles they leave everywhere. Well I’ve got to get my boring responsible self on to my boring responsible job now and pay the bills for Katheryn and her deadbeat knuckledragger who she chose as her babydaddy. CU later.

  7. Katheryn’s not pregnant, Jim.
    By the way, men who don’t pay their child support get thrown in jail. I thought you should know that, since it sounded like you thought it was a voluntary system.

  8. Who wants to drop a load on my chest?

  9. She missed quite a few other corrections.

  10. Pretty sure Raquel is the baby daddy new shorti….

    where the fuck is y mut?? This is a racist as it gets… Oh.. maybe it’s because it makes his people look ig’nant?

  11. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  12. it takes 2 to fuck. stupid bitches, if u take the cock then expect the consequences, it’s ur problem if u choose a nigga

  13. Question: why is ‘shorty’ slang for ‘hot woman’ in gangster-speak?

  14. ^there is sort of an answer for that on urban dictionary. and I just went there and read it. do you want me to explain to you how you, too, can accomplish this amazing feat?

  15. No, I just hadn’t thought of looking there.
    Now, was it actually less effort for you to type up a sarcastic response than to just type the answer you already looked up? Or copy it?

  16. not long at all ms Anne Thorpe, not long at all.
    ymutant is the King of all blacks and is who dey sent to rep resent

  17. #15. yes it would have been less effort, but not more FUN.

    #16. he’s a white boy. with the nastiest case of black penis envy I’ve ever come across.

  18. ^ And it seems he’s only allowed on the library’s computers on the weekend, too.

  19. *Katherine or *Kathryn or *Katie

    *Rachel or *Rachael


  20. ^Raquel is Spanish.

  21. ^but Katheryn just looks dumb.

  22. These fucking people are breeding… : (

  23. It’s not gangster-speak Mad2. It’s window-licking spacker talk. They’ve been given an education, for free, and refuse to take full advantage of it. Then they complain when the dumb little nigg-uh children cunts can’t get a job. Da bitche’s husbands are all out stealing/in prison/selling crack/running away from their big-gummed, buck-toothed child. If a nigg-uh does stick around, it’s ‘cos he’s incarcerated. After around six days, da bitches. they get tired of waiting, and fuck a nigg-uh called Tyrone, but Tyrone is a nasty nigg-uh, he forces Rowanda into a life of prostitution and heroin.

    I jest, i jest. Black and white people will breed themselves into extinction.

  24. What about “aint(sic)” – it’s barely a legitimate word in the first place and if it’s correct spelling is “ain’t”

  25. How come the status was updated 23 minutes ago but the first comment was put up 26 minutes ago???

  26. I think the paleness of the status indicates its one of theose Big Brother society-esque updates such as “Raquel (sic) commented on Katheryn (sick) ‘s status” instead of simply looking at K’s status yourself. My FB does this all the time. E.g. If I’m friends with Adam but not with Brian, Brian’s status would not show on my news feed, but Adam commenting on Brian’s status would, in facebook’s eyes, be a relevant update in which I would be interested. I do like to keep tabs on what comments my friends are making.

    Anyway, the tldr is that the original 23 minutes relates to Raquel’s (or someone else’s) commenting on the status, rather than the posting of the status. The last comment is 24 minutes ago, but there are comments below cropped out by lamebook.

  27. vaginalroundhouse

    All black people are on welfare.

  28. Not all of them. what about the ones on the inside?

  29. And the ones still living in the jungle?

  30. ice-t aint on no muthafuckin’ welfare.

  31. He took his bongo drum with him when he escaped the jungle. White man liked his riddem.

  32. ^betcha wouldn’t say that to his face, cracka.

  33. Fuuuuuuuuuck that. Wouldn’t need to, shoot him with a blow dart, innit blud. Once he’s fallen off his branch I’d drag him home and put him above my fireplace as a trophy.

  34. that’s not very sporting of you, you filthy white cunt.

  35. yes, yes it is. Unsporting would be shooting him with a gun, you clean,? cunt. Is it true, does your muff look like two pink cushions on a black settee? I refuse to look it up.

  36. The level of education given in poorer areas is actually pretty crappy.

  37. Most black people are on welfare.

  38. Well if she can break into a white person’s home, use their computer to slag someone off, then she has access to the internet. No excuse.

  39. if you can’t even spell pregnant, PLEASE don’t get that way!

  40. I wish Raquel said “*I’m.” Then Katheryn could say “You are?”

  41. #37. See? That’s making some progress towards racial harmony, right there.

  42. Two things:

    1. Is the person Kathryn (SP? not paying attention) is referring to a facebook friend of hers? If so, why the hell do people friend people they can’t stand on facebook? I’ve never understood that. Hell, I don’t even friend a lot of people I do like on facebook, much less people who piss me off.

    2. As for people getting pregnant and ending up on welfare, I’ve worked with a lot of moms who do work and still qualify for WIC, food stamps, childcare assistance, etc. Pay can be shitty, man.

    As for our dear facebook friends here – if these people are as dumb as they seem to be…well…do we really want them working? Besides bagging groceries, I can’t imagine what sort of job I’d want some of these people to do, since their screwing up could ruin my day.

  43. This is what happens when developmentally disabled people are allowed social media rights.

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