Monday, February 13, 2012

Tip Top Type

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  1. Would ytmutation like to comment? Im guessing the watermelon was a black dude.

  2. You know.. Mutants dont like watermelon.

  3. How much sexting would this dude have to do to have his phone autocomplete to jizz? (Which, by the way, my phone changed to “hizzy.” My phone thinks I’m a rap mogul.)

  4. Oh STFU, stop going on about mutants and ‘ytmutation’ – you’re only giving him the attention he so craves. What’s the actual likelihood of a real black supremacist choosing Lamebook to spread the word – he’s clearly just some bored white kid enjoying the trolling possiblities. Stop sucking his dick by bringing him up before he’s even posted.

  5. Haha I enjoyed his comments. So fuck off DanR.

  6. I don’t really think the watermelon one is lame? It’s kind of cute. What if her favorite food is watermelon or something?

  7. And her name is Mary…? lol idk. at least he attempted to do something original.

  8. I think the lamebook @dmin are trying to communicate to me via cryptic images and words 0_0

    all I got out of this post was bukkake (jizz fest), watermelon and chimp. What could it all meannnnnn?

    mind you, I just smoked my breakfast and I could be a tad delusional right now.

  9. No way jazz gets auto-corrected to jizz

  10. ^ I tried it, jazz is just jazz.

    @Figarto, are you serious? I could tuck my dick between my legs, balls and all, glue it in place, finger my ass and try to get an erection. But it would be FUCKING POINTLESS.

  11. Not if you filmed it and stuck it on liveleak, crusty.
    I’d pay you fifty bucks to do that.

  12. If I was rich, I’d pay dumb people to do dumb shit. I’d have a website devoted to the cause. And it wouldn’t be just “ouch” dumb, it’d be the kinda dumb where it could really get bad and die if it goes too wrong. That way you kill two birds; I get rich AND solve the problem of too many thick cunts breathing our oxygen.

  13. alright, alright…fifty-five bucks, then.
    You drive a hard bargain, man.

  14. vaginalroundhouse

    Jizz fest = bukkake

  15. Yeah, the jizz fest line is a quote from Dexter. Lamebook, you’ve got to start looking into that before posting.

  16. ^Other people have pointed out when a joke has been recycled on Lamebook. RunnerOnIce, you’ve gotta shut up.

  17. Fifty-five huh? I’d have done it for free. And kudos for pointing me in the direction of liveleak, some good shit on there.

  18. You guys are a bunch of sicko mutants.

  19. <3

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