Friday, November 29, 2013

Uhhhh… Yeah.

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  1. FIRRRRRSSSSST Bitcheazzzzzzzz! Holding it for the man – STEEEEEEEVERRRRRRRR!

    Hey Piss-Head, your handle is a subconscious manifestation of your urolagnia. Go fuck yourself! Or piss on yourself and beat off, like you sick, scatological-fetish fucks do.

  2. ^ok I will. If you are telling me, then I have no choice. This internet rank structure is killing me. Just writing down the order of the self abuse now. How’s life stacking shelves?

  3. If you don’t give likes to the poor, unfortunate, disaster-victims or what else there is, and you don’t share this picture of an ugly angel, to “show” you miss someone who’s dead, it’s your own fault if I like you as facebook-friend.

  4. We imagine you enjoy holding it for Steever. Do you wipe up the drops from the tip too?

  5. Is nobody going to comment on the fact that those are DISLIKES?

  6. You know they can be turned upside down.

  7. Fake. Photoshopped. Everyone can see that that baby is healthy. She was trying to.scam more likes to abuse the likes value in a less worthy project. Smh, tools fall for all the sob stories these days.

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  9. Wonderful

  10. Rebecca D. Rape??? Must be Danish

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  12. So, I’m new here. How long has Stever been around?

  13. ^ Way too fucking long. Oh, and no one cares that you’re new. Just jump in and verbally abuse commentators and original posters like everyone else. Or get the fuck out. I really don’t care either way.

  14. Those are some mad Photoshop skills. Props to the person who put that joke together.

  15. Well, if she really needed an operation for her kid, why didn’t she go on her computer? She could have been earning 77 dollars an hour.

    Btw, has anyone noticed that the hourly rate in these scam things is getting less and less?

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