Friday, April 6, 2012


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  1. Looks like Angela misspelled “Slut”

  2. I think even the most vehement pro-lifers would support an abortion in Angela’s case.

  3. @thestarterkker

    She’s shopping with a kid, that makes her a slut and/or an unfit parent? Seriously?

  4. @crazy – I wouldn’t call her a name like either, that but I am seriously not sure, if that is her child, that her pose and demeanor really shouts “Mother of the Year” recipient.

  5. @crazy – You know FULL WELL that those comments were directed towards the fact that the whore mother was flipping off the camera like some sort of imbecile in a slutty dress. The comments had NOTHING to do with the fact that she was shopping with a baby (which, again, you KNEW). You’re an IDIOT.

  6. Or the fact that since there is a haha at the end of the comment it’s likely that she was trying on the dress and striking that pose as a joke.

    But totally, what a whore, how dare she wear a dress that is somewhat revealing and flip off the camera, that totally makes her a slut like Omgz!!1!!1 And she’s a youngish looking girl with a kid, so it must be hers. There’s no way she’s a sibling or a relative babysitting the kid, and even so, how dare she do something that some random assholes on the internet might take out of context. What a little slut.

    Your forever alone is showing.

  7. You must be lonely if you don’t recognize that this is exactly the type of thing whores on facebook always post.

  8. Crazy – the fact still remains that you KNEW the posters were commenting on the pose and the dress, but chose to attack them for having an issue with the shopping and the baby. You MADE UP those “issues” just so you could write an argument and read it to yourself later. Loser.

    Your “I’m just as big a skank as the woman in this picture” is showing.

  9. Huh huh huh like books suck and stuff. Mheh heh. Lets take a book and break it. Break it! BREAK IT!

  10. What a groovy argument.
    I want to jump in on crazyftw’s side – just for shits and giggles – but I also want to throw Angela under a bus.
    For the record, I don’t give a shit whose kid it is, I’m just glad it isn’t Okiey’s.

  11. You can see the kid is watching…

  12. Now unlike the girl upstairs, I bet this one absolutely LOVES it up the ass!

  13. If it wasn’t for the kid, this picture wouldn’t even be on here. At least, I hope it wouldn’t be, because even with the kid it isn’t that great. Oh boy, another somewhat slutty picture, add it to the pile.

  14. You really have to give her balls for posting, for the sake of her kids future in a foster home!

  15. Seriously, who goes out like that with their (or a) kid??

  16. She looks like a whore, crazy. If you’d be happy for your mother to look like that then you’re probably fucking her.

  17. I’m with cap’n.I too think she’s a slut though. That outfit looks like a twisted fetish for some lonely virgin.

  18. Fuck all of you limpid, boring, vanilla losers. Just what the fuck are you people? A pack of stern-faced christian aunties?
    Sluts rock.

  19. So Angela’s idea of being a big shot is wearing a tacky dress and giving the finger to the camera? Clearly this is someone who aspires to be Paris Hilton and that is so. very. depressing.

  20. Well she did put “haha”. Maybe she’s being ironic?

  21. If she’s being ironic, she’s an even worse human being. God I hate people that always do things ironically.

  22. I wonder if we can find a matching octopus hat?

  23. I’m working on a theory that the commenters here are like the cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – only with about 17 extra Randle McMurphys.

  24. I really think I’m onto something.

  25. If having a facebook photo with 2 middle fingers up makes Trayvon Martin a thug, then wearing a short dress and flipping the camera off makes this bitch a slut.

    case closed.

  26. a)they need to make a special K9 unit where they train rottweilers to eat people who drive and text. I know I know. Rottweilers would take forever to eat people, but even if they ate part of them then I would start watching cops again.
    c)never ever NEVER take your baby to prom. I especially like how her tattoo starts at the very top left of her torso like she is a sheet of parchment just waiting until she can afford the rest of an essay. Of course she’ll be graded down for the font but I guess that’s just the price for expressing yourself.

  27. that is fucking disgusting, training dogs to eat human meat. just outright disturbing. you are the reason mankind is failing. fuck you punk

  28. I guess if she’s parchment then all we have left to do is ink all over her face..

  29. sisqi – do you know how stuffed-full of toxins most humans are? poor rotties =(

  30. are you trolling me flames? my feelers would be super hurt if out of 700 pages of lamebook you decided I am the reason mankind is failing. anne, you’re always jumping to conclusions. If you had bothered at all to read the manifesto I submitted to congress in the fall you would know that there are intensive studies indicating that 1 in 9 text/drivers is an Asian teenager, which in doggie nutrition means DETOX. asian teenage meat saves the planet again!

  31. Oooooh dangerous word flames….punk….woah that’s too big for me…I fold.he’s all yours ms.

  32. not in my city, sisqi. every fucker here is stuffed full of greasy-fried, alchopops and meth.

  33. You meatsac. Listen rottweilers look mean but they aren’t the meanest out there. I’d go for a caucasian shepard

  34. isnt that every city though?

  35. Not every city. I’m up here in washington state. We don’t even know what an alchopop is. Meth is ringing some bells though.

  36. randomthoughtsontheworld

    Sisqi, you never hear of wine coolers and the like? that is exactly what that is…fizzy alcohol that is sweet…

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