Friday, October 28, 2011

Understanding Women

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  5. 73 likes? Well, hot shit.

  6. Dude, do NOT go to women’s studies to understand women. Google Chateau Heartiste and go from there. You’re welcome.

  7. @Jimsthename – Chateau Heartiste will not allow you to understand women; it will only allow you to better understand other men’s perceptions of women, and give you some ideas on how to start your own gameplay in the dating world. Its submissions are boring, and narrow, and all about fucking and being an Alpha, but that’s it. There are no real insights to be gleaned there.

  8. Yeah Hawkbit, that was my impression too. This dick must have like 5,000 ‘friends’ and not be a day over 17 (youngsters ‘like’ pretty much everything).

    On another note, is anyone else having trouble with this site? Seems like lately I have roughly 10-15 seconds after each load before the links all go bunk on me. Maybe Lamebook and Firefox are not compatible these days?

  9. You’re totally right, ThrowingTofu. I’ve been waiting for this page to load since last October. Lamebook is really slow lately.

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