Monday, October 3, 2011

Wait a Sec…

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  2. wtf is a stever

  3. @acidlotion: an asshole. they’re all over the internet. you’ll get used to it and not even notice them.

  4. Those assclusters look pretty lickable.

    I wish that was the first time I’d said that.

  5. #1 – Lame.
    #2 – What the fuck is it? Do not want.

  6. Who thought of that name? “Travel? Meh. Ooh, boobies!”

  7. I know exactly where this MEHBOOB shop is in walthamstow!! haha i remember being on the bus and pointing out how silly it sounded :p

  8. What was the approximate length of the bus?

  9. I registered for an account just so I could tell you all that Mehboob is the punjabi word for ‘group’ so its sort of like a club or a guild. I assume Punjabi men go there to drink scotch and chat etc…
    On the other side of things is the English word ‘hug’… which in Punjabi means ‘to take a shit’…

  10. And I registered for an account just so I could correct becsim08 (in case people didn’t pick up that he/she is trolling). Mehboob is Urdu for “lover” or “beloved” as in “I had some sexy times with my mehboob last night”

  11. I just registered to tell you guys that becsim08 and jjcorrector are both filthy liars to the 5th power. “Mehboob” is actually 4chansian. It means those tits are alright but they nothing to write home about.

  12. my reaction to your mom tits

  13. Meh.

  14. I would guess the ass clusters are chocolate rice krispies/cornflake cakes. Although why they are named ‘ass clusters’ is beyond my mediocre level of genius.

  15. Correct, they’re rice krispies with chocolate and ‘ass’ = assorted. That’s how Spar labels all their generic sweet bins. You’re better off making your own, though. Just ask the South African 🙂

  16. ^^Kicking myself for not having worked this out.

  17. …and for some reason I thought Spar had gone out of business years ago.

  18. They don’t look like chocolate clusters to me. They look like something someone boked up. Eugh.

  19. This wasn’t what I was referring to when I said i’d like to get a good piece of ass!

  20. I thought they were ass nut clusters



  22. At least the clusters where cheap… but I still won’t buy them, 80% of stuff that comes in spar wrapping you shouldn’t buy… who knows how long it’s been standing there.

  23. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Karretjie seriously? You can’t figure out how long something has been sitting there when it has a “packed on date”??! LAME.

  24. Dude, the packed date takes place AFTER the best by date! lmao!

  25. dragoongirl90 I think you’ll find in the UK we go day/month/year, as nonsensical as that seems.

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