Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Warped in the head

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  1. She should have photoshopped her face instead.

  2. Very interesting design. Can I buy the door?

  3. Who takes a selfie in a dressing room with the tag still hanging on the clothes? How ghetto is that…

  4. If she was making anything smaller, she should have started with her Jay Leno chin…

  5. until I saw the check that said $5410 , I did not believe that…my… friend woz like actualey bringing home money part time from there labtop. . there neighbor started doing this for under 16 months and just paid the dept on their place and bought a brand new Audi Quattro . try this out


  6. If she didn’t get this kinda reaction “should of photoshopped her face”, then maybe she wouldn’t have chosen to photoshop her picture (which I’ll admit is fucking stupid).

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