Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wasted Time





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  1. Posts like this make me never want to drink, ever.

  2. I’m tempted to call fake, or, at the very least, attention whore, on Kate. It’s understandable that one might make more typos when drunk, but she seems to be making a special effort to translate to writing the way a drunk person would speak.

  3. What a load of crap…how can she type coherently enough so people can understand what she’s saying, but spell like a fucking tard? Attention whore.

  4. kaye’s typos make her sound german.

    the tubby guy looks like he’s pumping the vom outta him like he’s inflating an air bed.

  5. Just don’t tell my famdamilly!

    btw, a friend of mine drank a bunch of strawberry daquiri wine coolers at my graduation party and then he threw up in my driveway. It was bright red and my mom had to hose down the cement. It was a horrible time.

    intell later!

  6. I guess I can’t say much, I frequently cruise Lamebook a bit tipsy.

    For some reason I can always type and spell fine. And I’m not stupid enough to drive.

    @mcowles: Did he drink a lot, or is he just a lightweight?

  7. I like drinking every weekend. It’s a fantastic way to live.

  8. @chiiro

    both. Maybe 9 or 10 wine coolers, but he’s definitely a lightweight. I told him that I bought the beer for us and the wine coolers for my aunts, but he just “loved the taste of them” so much!

  9. Getting drunk every weekend is what weekends are FOR! It’s the very best way to live…

    Kate is going to die whether she drinks or not… Camille is a killjoy.

  10. I’m with el_monty. Drunken typos I’ve ever received don’t tend to be but the occasional letter switched for another, or the occasional misuse of your/you’re or two/to/too….Either she’s an idiot when sober – which is ENTIRELY possible – or she’s an attention whore.

  11. Definitely a fake. Attention slutt

  12. I like the big sexy beast in the photo. Where did he obtain those Skin Tight Pants of Manliness?

  13. all of them are attention whores. “Oh my god! I’m so wasted! Must let everyone know that I party hard!”

  14. How sure are you that that “sexy beast” is a man?

  15. I would suggest she uses spell check when intoxicated, however I think the mess of letters would just cause the poor computer to explode from trying to comprehend such stupidity.

    Famdamilly? sounds like she’s channelling Ned Flandandarino.

  16. Kate is sober as a rock. Just a regular attention whore.

  17. thank god I don’t drink

  18. Kate had a sip of her daddy’s beer.

  19. I like turtles.

  20. What you all fail to realise is that VomitGuy is not drunk

    The guy in the chinos just offered him a moustache ride

  21. First submission is definitely fake. Brittany would never discourage substance abuse. Also, she died on the 20th of December.

  22. Kate needs help. And pic FTW!

  23. the fat guy did all the drinking in this pic, the guy on the ground fell out of his orbit

  24. Those guys in the picture are awesome

  25. THe only thing better than an attention whore is handing out the attention whore smackdown.

  26. Kate ain’t drunk.

  27. everyone’s quick to slam the fat …guy, but come on, it’s that damned pecking order again. he’s a pissant crony to the alpha douche on the left– probably just as drunk as the dude on the ground, but without a gag reflex. oh, and he’s probably holding the car keys.


  28. Is it just me that thinks that last pic looks like those two are standing over him victorious at having spit roasted the guy till he spewed and passed out?

  29. At least they have him in the recovery position

  30. posty mcposterson

    Kate’s typing certainly improved when she was responding to Louisa… I call fake but either way she is an idiot.

  31. i think chunky guy on the rights got a little Captain in him!

  32. oh and Kate…I call bullshit. she’s an attention whore all the way

  33. Every morning after a night of drinking, the first thing I do is check Facebook to make sure I didn’t make any stupid status updates like Kate. Thank god I’m not a idiot and at least the only things I post drunk are hilarious.

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