Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Winnin’

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  1. Fake all of it….

  2. The first ones inaccurate, the second one is too politically correct, and the third ones lame.

  3. How is the second one politically incorrect? lol

  4. ….I never said it was

  5. The third one has been done ad nauseam. It’s past the point of lame.

  6. Fuck Clint for stereotyping gays like that.. everyone knows that the dress sense of the female gay is atrocious.

  7. ^Right, but how many lesbians are in the closet? Less than gays I’ll bet.

  8. ^ ah, a sound theory.

  9. I fucked Clint.

  10. ^ Fancy clothes, there, 9.

  11. is it every time the heifer tries to be a smartass that she fails? or is it just every time she tries to say anything at all?

  12. Clint Fistwood is right, the benders weren’t just doing fuck all in those closets… they were mainly fingering other boys ringers and touching each others shit sticks.

  13. These posts are fake, the posters are cunts and all of them I have fucked.

  14. Great now there’s a mix betweens AnneThrope and T1000

  15. MsAnne, it’s the latter of the two.

  16. Actually, the douche is trying to do 9, MsAnne, and T1000.
    It’s very UNfunny. My guess is it’s a second login for Cow. She likes to troll.

  17. Ohh yea I see that now…my bad.

  18. I’m waiting for them all to fuck off. if anyone wants me, I’ll be in my room.

  19. Unfortunately MsAnne, 12 year olds have MUCH more time on their hands than adults do. This might not die down soon. We can only hope for the ADHD to kick in and they lose interest.

  20. when the fuck is summer over?

  21. for 12 year olds and all the other slightly more aged school children… the states, late August…

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