Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cop from Hell

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  1. The fake is strong in this one.

  2. you’re*
    Obvious fake, police officers know how to spell.

  3. *you’re

  4. And btw this post doesn’t mean the officer doesn’t know how to spell. He may have actually said that, the guy posting it just doesn’t know the difference.

  5. ^ WTF, dude? Is it State the Obvious Day again already?

  6. I love seeing people correct your/you’re… Please do it more.

  7. ^ you’re, please*

  8. Have they introduced proper breathalyzers in the US yet or are they still just doing that ‘can you stand on one leg without falling over’ shit?

  9. That’s some strong stupidity you’re watching there Mr. Frahnkensteen.

  10. This post is inappropriately titled

  11. Hawkbit, that’s what passes as a witticism at Lamebook HQ.
    Coz Diablo…devil…hell… geddit?

  12. they are obviously gay and in the closet

  13. typical corrupt, lazy fucking copper!
    the cunt failed to indicate, ffs. he should have had the book thrown at him in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS.


  14. I once got pulled over by a policeman, he made me shoot my bollock soup in about two minutes flat…

    Oh, Nope sorry, I got pulled off by a dustbin man, sorry I always get the two confused.

  15. #1 is correct. Mike is a fake cunt whom which I have fucked.

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