Monday, June 20, 2011

Week Starting Wins!

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  1. The second one is totally a Bo Burnham quote. Aren’t there laws about claiming something that’s not yours?

  2. I seen a bush that big once. Thank god pubes are curly. I could have lost an eye!

  3. Okay Lamebook, you’re using my post for advertisement which is okay. But I want my cut dammit!

  4. i quote shit in my status all the time… but it shouldn’t be considered a win when it’s not him being clever, he’s quoting bo.

  5. its still considered i win, just not your win

  6. CommentsAtLarge

    The cooties/STDs thing is pretty funny. Kind of sad at the same time though; the circle-circle-dot-dot cootie shot is much easier than the treatment for the STD’s…

  7. Is Candace serious? If she considers basketball a girls’ sport, then she should be able to name plenty more considering most of them have women’s leagues. Wtf.

  8. netball
    sucking cocks

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