Monday, April 16, 2012

Week Starting Wins!

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  1. The noodle one made me laugh a bit. Although I have no idea wtf ramen is.

  2. The noodle one made me laugh as well. I think Ramen is the name of the inventor. Pretty wild guess though.

  3. Yes, Ramen was invented by Mrs Ramen, just like Udon was invented by Udon-san and Steak was invented by Jeremiah Steak.

  4. I’m disappointed the Titanic one made it on this site.

  5. My God I hope you fucktards were trolling re: Mr. and Mrs. Ramen and their prodigious child Ramen Jr. who apparently invented noodles…

  6. christopherlovet

    The Ramen one is delicious copypasta I’ve seen before.

  7. My ancestor Jesús Tamales invented tamales.

  8. Are you sure? Because I thought he invented Christianity…..

  9. I hope the author of the second one dies very slowly in a fire. Hopefully it is a rapper as well.

  10. is the author of the second one into bestiality?

  11. I wouldn’t know what missing MySpace feels like because I never left it XD

  12. I tried to go back to Myspace, but it got too confusing and I gave up haha

  13. ^you’ve completely blown your cover.
    i think you got cocky and over-compensated.
    but there is no one online as thick as you are pretending to be.

    your early work was nice, though. kudos.

  14. Not sure what you’re talking about, but cool observation. I’ll look into that.

  15. you couldn’t ‘look into it’ if someone held the mirror steady for you.

    you don’t even know what ‘it’ is.

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