Monday, April 25, 2011

Week Starting Wins!

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  1. I’d starve.

  2. I wonder why Abbey has multiple children with same name?
    Didn’t understand snooki reference (probably a good thing)
    I hope Ri gets trapped in a cave by himself and has to live a few lonely years guzzling his own love-funk.

  3. Gremlins.

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    mouldpepper the Snookie thing is a second gremlin reference on here. Hope to see more. Even though I was way too young when it was contemporary, I still enjoyed the books and the movies.

    Also Bentley? seriously?

  5. Well, it depends on how much “energy” it takes to get to the “food.” Finally an advantage to all you prematures out there…

  6. My comment to Quinn has been moderated. I suggested that he eat the peanuts from my shit.

  7. 1angrychick2cups

    Stubby; good one!! He’d do it if you told him everyone else was doing it.
    The Snooky thing needs to end. That fat drunk needs to crawl back to whatever cave she slithered out of.

  8. You should see his second kid…. Little BMW’s gonna be 5 next year.

  9. *her

  10. This comments page should allow us to “like” other people’s comments.

    MY like goes to @mouldpepper … I’ll make my words your own!

  11. *your words my own! (I’m sorry, I just joke around with this expression so often this time I did it without noticing it!)


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