Monday, September 6, 2010

Week Starting Wins

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  1. The Ancient Asteroid for the win!

  2. BEN!
    .. over it?

  3. Ooooh. Damn you, Bennintons.
    Lets be friends? XD

  4. Holy crap, I actually got first and didn’t say Ben! I have sullied a good Lamebook tradition with my first post in ages. Shit. Yes, let’s be friends, yo!

    Also, Dylan and his mates…well played. Luke should just delete his post though, silly 50 Cent loving wannabe GANGSTA! Now the whole web knows his secret shame.

  5. The Asteroid submission is ‘borrowed’ from another site, search for ‘if-historical-events-had-facebook-statuses’.

    The password one smells of fake and I love the smell of fake ‘un in the morning. Biddum-tish.

    I will henceforth not be attempting any more puns.

  6. Übermensch FTW

  7. Benningtons, no hard feelings. At least you were one of the ‘first’ commenters.

    Agreed, why not just delete the post? This makes me think that it was written as a joke.
    Har de harr.
    But no, pretty funny shit, that one.
    Asteroid one.. yeah no..

  8. I have an odd feeling that the asteroid one is fake…
    Whos with me?

  9. @8

    it’s definitely fake; there’s no such thing as a ‘brontosaurus’.

  10. i wonder what edizzles last name is

  11. The catapult one is stolen from Demetri Martin comedy. Tyler Fail.

  12. @10, probably something to do with a pistol and a sack.

  13. I don’t know about the password post being fake. I know quite a few user that don’t seem to know about the delete option, (why I don’t know?). We have seen enough examples of idiots on here to know there are plenty of FB users who would react just like that!

  14. Why no like option?

  15. Ah, Dylan has many smart Australian friends. Oh no, an oxymoron! :-p

    Why do people leave thier profiles open?

  16. The last one is a joke by comedian Demetri Martin.

  17. Strangest place I ever enjoyed a Doctor Pepper? In the storeroom of a British products store after being mugged out the front of the shop.

  18. I remember a while ago I posted a status saying “WOW if you type “gullible” facebook automatically changes it to AWESOME!”
    and then I commented saying “AWESOME wow it works!”
    and like three of my friends commented pretending it works
    then this one girl left FIVE (I kid you not, FIVE) comments saying gullible
    And then started freaking out because she thought her facebook was broken
    If I didn’t hate self-submission so much, I would have sent it in.

  19. lifelaughlovedance

    So, the asteroid one is so fake, on Facebook it isn’t aloud to have a last name so… duh fake.

  20. Fucking fake asteroid post. Thought you could get this one past us, Lamebook? Well, Lamebook, you thought wrong.


  21. Anyone else notice the Asteroid was hitting up Earth ‘today’ 65 million years ago, but the dinosaurs etc. only noticed half an hour ago. Time lapse fail. And I have also seen it before… on here, I think.

    Txikiwi – Nowhere does it say what nationality they are.

    Here’s a secret – I’ve used Demetri Martin quotes as status updates. Of course, I do use quotation marks so I don’t look like atry hard comedian =P

  22. What?! Dinosaurs had Facebook back then?! Holy shit! ;P

  23. The first one would be funny sans the half-quotation marks around the pun. We get it’s a pun, you don’t need to tell us!

    PS. Hi. I’m new, in the posting sense of the word.

  24. Well of course the asteriod one is fake, I don’t think we’re supposed to believe otherwise…

  25. Sorry *asteroid before the grammar Nazis come after me…

  26. I’m surprised that there haven’t been more submissions about the chimney exploring doctor. Only in Bakersfield…

  27. @alordslums, i don’t wanna rain on your parade, but actualy there was a Brontosaurus.

  28. I guess Lamebook hasn’t had any good submissions lately. These are all very old and from different websites.

  29. @milo: I looked them up, very easy with a name like Edizzle. Seriously, what a name.

  30. @27

    what parade…? if i’d known i would’ve put some clothes on! 🙂

    (wiki ‘apatosaurus’)

  31. @ilykpwnies: You are new, so welcome and get used to pedantic grammar/fact correcting. They’re called single quotation marks. 🙂

  32. The password / asterisks one is too old to be funny anymore. For us internet elders at least.
    As for the historical-event-statuses, whoever done them did a terrible mistake with the comment timestamps – they could at least put “afterr” instead of “ago”. Or at least the same timeframe as the status (ie 65 million years ago), imho at least.

  33. Paranoid Android, THANK YOU for pointing me to that website. That’s my type of humor, and I love it. I can’t stop laughing.

    And the one from Dylan screams out fake to me, only because of Luke’s actual password, but meh, I still find it funny.

  34. i love malteaser too

    The password one reminds me of an old joke.
    Man logs into his email account.
    Friend: Hah, I know your email password.
    Man: What is it?
    Friend: 6 asterisks
    Man: No, you are wrong. It is 123456


  35. @flower91: I think you mean the spelling nazis

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