Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekday Wins Part 2

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  1. F*ck you Darren!

  2. Darren wins.

  3. sunflower: neck tattoo also?

  4. Jacob must be pretty fat if he’s ordering a combo and a large fry. Since the combo already comes with fries, it’s safe to assume him to be either a pig or an idiot that didn’t think out his joke/insult enough for it to make sense.

  5. hmmmm, are you a bit offended “itzmurda”? for some reason I think you’ve overused the word swag this week, and were only at Monday.

    It could be that he wanted a combo with the large fry, or he was with another person and they just wanted fries. I do agree with his sentiment though

  6. If it’s something retarded like your street name in cursive on your neck, then chances are you’re probably a douche and that’s the reason you won’t get hired. I know plenty of people with “full tattoos” (which includes tattoos on the neck) who have good jobs and had no problem getting employed.

  7. Itzmurda, did you just go full retard?

  8. Free spirits? Nothing in this world is for free. Someone is paying for those drinks.

  9. Sorry #4, analrapist is right. Combos generally come with a medium fry, so if one wanted a large instead, they would be obliged to specify their choice or have to live with the lesser amount of fried stringy potatoes. Also, A.R., I agree, ‘swag’ is getting a little played out on here, too.

  10. in this thread:-
    fat, cancer-ridden, american fucks arguing over the protocols of fastfood menus like the grotesque parodies of humans that they are.

    hey america? why not throw a fucking salad in that gaping grease-stained maw once in a while?

  11. ^implying america is the only cuntry with obese fast food junkies?

  12. no. implying that america (fuck yeah) invented that shit.

  13. My cock. Suck. In your mouth.

  14. ^no. it’s really small and scabby.

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