Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend Wankers

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  1. The ‘word’ “procrastibating” might actually catch on.

  2. Why would someone admit to being busted masturbating? That’s just dumb. His mom adding her comment is icing (no pun intended) on the cake!

    And Procrastibating is one of the best words I’ve ever heard! FTW!

  3. If I recall correctly, “procrastibating” was the Urban Word Of The Day from not so long ago. It’s the first time I see it being used anywhere else though, and indeed: it is quite catchy :).

  4. Wait, is Hope a boy’s name now? No wonder they’ve gone into hiding. I’m sure I’m missing something here…
    Procrasturbating insinuates you are wasting time, that is why it’ll never catch on in my books.
    I only vaguely remember the show “saved by the bell” but wasn’t there a guy called Skeeter on that? Is Skeeter always synonymous with compulsive masturbation? Anyone?

  5. No, the kids name was screech, and on an unrelated note I believe he did make a Porno after saved… But skeeter is referring to skeet, which is slang for busting a nut

  6. oh cheers. Memory recall from shit childhood show fail. He should’ve been called Skeeter…

  7. Skeeter was a character on the cartoon ‘Doug’. On a slightly related side note, there was also a character on that show named Patty Mayonaise.

  8. I thought it was “procrasterbating” on UrbanDictionary. Oh well, either are hilarious. 🙂

  9. Weekend wankers? It’s pretty much all that the boys on lamebook posts have been doing for days now!

  10. haha wordpervert, your right. Wanking it has been a very common subject. What’s with all the wanking males these days? lol! Well, I do have to say, If I was by myself, and I had a penis, I’d be wacking it too. Alas, all I have is my banana!

  11. @eenerbl

    GROSS….they make things called vibrators for us Ladies….Bananas are for vitamins A & C or annoyingly catchy songs….


    Nope…Hope is still a girls name….I believe that the ‘lameness’ of this post was that she was attempting to make fun of ‘boys’ saying that all they do is play xbox, wank and eat…Owen was correcting her attempt at a diss by saying they play PS3 instead.

  12. lol JBC, it’s a post thing with wordpervert and I.

  13. …and slimjayz – don’t forget, he has the banana too

  14. JC’s joke was extremely obvious but it could have been funny if it were executed well. The only way he could have delivered it more clumsily would be if he said “hey! that sounds like you’re talking about masturbating and also you have a small penis!”

  15. That’s funny ee, clearly JBC wasn’t witness to our recent fruity

  16. …all this talk of random foodstuffs (pun totally intended) makes me wish I had a vagina too (how often does one articulate a desire to be a hermaphrodite), or a more willing girlfriend with a hungry vajayjay. It seems like all a girl has to do is take a stroll to the fruit and veg shop or buy some conveniently shaped can of deodorant and she has herself the makings of a weekend full of kinky auto-fantasy. Maybe I have no imagination but the old reliable clenched fist of love seems to be turning into one of frustration and boredom. This isn’t the forum so I’m not going to ask any of you wankers directly, but all tips are welcome.

  17. Dear alproshazam,

    You’re welcome.


  18. Bhahahaha @17

  19. haha WOG, that’s one way to change things up.

    @chicky_monkey, slim was a bystander, word and I partook in the festivities. lol!

  20. Just check urbandictionary and know that procrastibating would be the synonym of procrasturbating.
    I must love these word-creaters so much. 🙂

  21. masturbating is bad you lose energy and mess up ur hormones and falsely stimulate urself

  22. Yeeeehhhhh,

    I don’t really need to ‘witness’ any fruity fun!!! 😉

    I saw a show about ‘kinky crafts’ last night, so if you are interested all you have to do is hollow out a cucumber and insert a silver bullet….

    @alproshazam – you could PROBABLY do this as well just cut off both ends, and hollow out to size….since you are veggi-curious

    I can’t believe I just gave out advice on fruit and veggies…..but hey I guess we ARE in a Recession still……


    Don’t forget the Hairy Palms….OH and You’ll go blind….


    @ alproshazam please do share your experience after watching the video and trying it out… inquiring minds want to know 😀

  24. Completely off topic (well, quite, anyway)… I just watched some WInter Olympics highlights and there’s a ski-jumping guy called Andreas (I think that was his first name)… WANK!!! Funny names make my day.

    Thank you.

  25. @ Scarlett The Harlot: You are a sad sorry individual. Why do you have to make it personal? It’s just a laugh, a bit of fun to get through the day. But noooo you have to hunt them down stalk them, print their names so everyone can see. Fuck, people like you piss me off!

  26. have a medal scarlett, you found the two people involved in the least interesting post.

  27. @Scarlett The Harlot

    Yeah, that is me, not that I mind really, I was making a joke and it’s not like an embarrassing thing really. How did you find me, mind?

  28. @owen_jones
    Not that I make a habit of finding the last names of strangers on Lamebook (creepy), but you got me curious. In that particular group there are only two members with the first name Hope, and only one has a friend with the first name Owen. Took about thirty seconds to find you.

  29. oh yeah, totally forgot that it was a group; that would make it easy I guess. not so bad. ha.

    I honestly read this this morning and it took me a few minutes to realise that it was me… This was like 4+ weeks ago now!

  30. and I thought Scarlett found a lamebook commenter from one of the posts. Disappointed

  31. lostintranslation

    @gingivitis (#24): I’m so glad I’m not the only one that found that amusing. I was in a bar with some friends this weekend, saw the name and got the giggles. They all thought I was weird…

  32. @eenerbl

    I’m offended and disheartened that I (the one that brought up the use of bananas as sex toys) have been completely removed from the equation.

    Granted, I’ve been peeping in your window for days now, and leaving you fruit baskets on your front porch… but it’s not the same.

  33. Lol! I knew there was a reason I’ve been doing strip teases in front of my bedroom window! All for you mcowles!

  34. mcowles , you lucky bastard , i get a restraining order and you get a striptease

  35. @Father Sha

    I thought it was luck, at first…


    Not everything in the fruit basket was meant to be a sex toy, especially the pineapples. But let me just say, I AM impressed.

  36. Thank you mcowles.

  37. Oh yummy!

  38. oh and by the way…i didn’t get that guide…I got the one with that half-naked blonde chick on it.

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