Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Winner

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  2. More men should act like this guy.

  3. Didn’t happen.

  4. Smart kid. Must have seen that movie, Kids.

  5. ^ No, but he’s seen the porno with Son Doobiest.

  6. Can someone explain to me how this would have been sexual assault when the woman gets naked and gets in his bed? Besides being sober, Im not sure how much more she could possibly do to for sexual consent. All I’m getting from this status is that the guy is confusing being a hero with getting laid. Poor dude is so dumb, he missed out on both.

  7. Because she’s too drunk to consent, Kid. So it would be rape.

  8. I hate I hate Stever

    Kid Zombie that is so not cool you complete fuckwit!

  9. Eminen fan, are ya DanR?

  10. So if a guy gets drunk, and wants to fuck, we should all be worried that he may not want to do it?

  11. Is sex only ok if you are sober? I mean what has the world come to if you can’t take some shots and have fun afterwards? It’s not like she was refusing any sexual offers. The lesson here isnt to not have sex when youre drunk because you may not want to. If someone gets totally wasted and I ask if they’d be willing to give me all of their money in their bank account and we go down to the ATM and they withdraw it all and hand it to me. You are pretty much telling me I stole it, im a thief and i should be locked up. Well, how about dont drink to the point where you think you may not make the best decisions.

  12. ^wat

  13. I hate I hate Stever

    That WOULD make you a thief KidZombie because you are taking advantage of their inebriated state,that is the point you aren’t getting. You seem to be morally bankrupt and are digging a bigger and bigger hole for yourself.

  14. My original point is the guy claimed it would have been sexual assault, and I was simply saying it would not have been. Taking advantage of someone maybe yes, but as far as assault goes….no way.

  15. Do you know how many guys are locked up because of the misuse of the term sexual assault? Two consenting adults, then one regret 5 days later and the guy goes to jail…..yea, ok.

  16. This is the reason our court system is so fucked up the way it is today. My brother in law, who is 18, had a anime cartoon pornography picture that he downloaded on his computer that depicted a minor (an anime cartoon that was labeled as 17!) from a police monitored website and he is now a registered sex offender for life because of it. Im not going on about this because Im a low life that takes advatage of people. Im defending that this is not sexual assault.

  17. ^Holy Fucking Shit!! That’s just fucked up! Sex offender for life because a fucking CARTOON is under aged?

  18. I hate I hate Stever

    Kid, a coherent sober or relatively sober person having sex with someone who is too inebriated to make a decision there-self IS assault. You need to get a grip of this concept or you will end up on the same list as your brother!

  19. Fucking hell Zombie boy listen to this troll he’s actually making sense.

  20. kid zombie- you sir, are a wreckless, selfish cunt face… and clearly you are a desperate mother fucker if you’d enjoy having sex with a girl when she’s in that state any way. go fuck yourself, it’s safer than fucking anyone else

  21. ps no one gives a fuck about your step brother. what’s riling people up is that you’re happily admitting that you could easily be a sexual assailant because you “don’t see what’s wrong” with having sex with someone who is almost passed out… What if she had been SPIKED?? Christ how are you not in jail already??!

  22. Kidzombie, I call bullshit on your story about your brother in-law. You are grasping at straws to make your point because people clearly think you’re an idiot. Walk away with your tail between your legs because the more you post the more your ignorance shows.

  23. @19. I’d say ‘I hate I hate Stever’ is more a parody of a troll. Funny thing is, he’s much funnier and clearly more intelligent than the troll he’s mocking.

  24. I see your point he is certainly making a lot of sense on this thread but I am just sick of the whole Stever shit.

  25. Clearly people are sometimes going to get drunk and have sex. And the presence of alcohol in someone’s bloodstream does not automatically make it rape. But there’s a spectrum of intoxication. If someone is physically impaired by their drinking (or drug use), you can tell. They are getting sick, their body is limp, they’re not able to communicate clearly with you. It’s a common sense situation. If it’s less obvious, you know they have been drinking but you’re not sure how much and they seem OK, that’s where communication is key, and honestly—if it’s unclear how drunk your partner is and you feel conflicted, then maybe just play it safe and don’t do it. Instincts are there for a reason. You’ll have another chance to have sex, but sexual assault is permanent.

  26. Well, I thought I was going to have to come here and go all Feminist on the pervs who would think having sex with someone who was clearly intoxicated was OK.

    Faith in humanity restored.

    Nothing to do here.

  27. So is this fb post an alibi or what?

  28. The words she was mumbling were “Could you be anymore pussy whipped you fucking cunt.”

  29. Zombie kid probably drives by schools in his moms van handing out candy, then tells the cops he’s just a nice guy out for a drive….

  30. @ 22…grasping at straws and walk away with my tail between my legs?? this is the internet, buddy. There is no shame on here. And whoever else was bitching, the dude said she was dancing….thats not being almost passed out.

  31. So just to be clear: Its ok for two drunk people to fuck like rabbits, but not if one of them is sober, coz then its rape?

  32. ^duh obviously!

  33. @31: Dude, the point is not being drunk. The point is being TOO drunk. If one is so drunk they’re falling flat out on the bed, close to unconsciousness, I seriously doubt she (or he for that matter) has given her (or his) consent.

  34. I hate all of you.

  35. It sounds to me like kid zombie found himself in a similar situation, and is now trying to justify/rationalize what happened. It’s ok kid. What they did to you was wrong, and it’s not your fault. You should speak to someone about this. Holding it all inside will only make it worse.

  36. So if a girl goes and gets drunk around a bunch of guys she obviously can’t trust she’s just a victim? And what exactly does that teach her? If the problem is girls are too irresponsible to take proper care of themselves around men the only real solution is male minders they can trust, but I’m guessing most of you find that insulting.

    Personally I find it insulting to treat females as if they are this incompetent. Drunk girl has no control over herself, drunk guy has enough control over himself to commit rape. Sounds like equality.

  37. -A It doesn’t have to be violent to be rape. Taking advantage of a woman’s clearly intoxicated and almost passed state and fucking her because she was “too irresponsible to take care of herself around men” is disgusting and the attitude of a predator. This victim shaming needs to stop. No woman (or man, let’s not forget it happens to them too) “deserves” rape. You’re essentially saying that all women should treat men as sexual predators and rapists and never let lose and get drunk because if they do they deserve to be raped. Getting drunk, dressing provocatively, or dancing is not an excuse for sexual assault. You’re so worried about what it “teaches her” when you should be worried about what we’re teaching our boys when they think that raping an almost unconscious drunk (or possibly drugged) woman is okay. It’s clear that she couldn’t give informed consent- INFORMED being the key word here. Taking advantage of her state to violate her, not caring whether she is actually a willing partner as long as you enjoy it, is sexual assault. Ever gotten wasted at a club/bar/party with your friends and blacked out? I’m sure most college kids and those inexperienced with alcohol have. I know a few girls who have lost their virginity to this type of sexual assault when the guy was the DD or just wasn’t drinking, but was getting them wasted. They clearly hadn’t given proposer consent. They woke up feeling confused, hurt, violated, intense shame and disgust, and angry at themselves and the man that raped them. They wouldn’t have acted like that sober. They had never given proper consent. It was rape.

  38. You’re a fuckwit, I never said it doesn’t count as rape. Just that girls aren’t the untouchable, in fallible sluttly little princesses they wish they were.

    You lose your sense around people you don’t know well enough to know whether or not you can trust them, you need to put at least some of the blame on yourself when you’re taken advantage of. Responsibility is key to what I was saying, learn to read.

  39. *realizes we live in a time where the words “it doesn’t count as rape” have been stuck together and plastered upon the internet.
    *opts out

  40. So -A if you pass out drunk amongst a bunch of Frat guys and wake up with a bleeding rectum should you take some of the blame?

  41. -A, if you actually read the fucking post you’d notice that the guy only had two beers. TWO. That does not count as being drunk, moron.

  42. @BIGDOG, technically speaking, if it was a bunch of them, its called grape.

  43. I hate I hate Stever

    ^You two are barking mad!

  44. Super happy to see over a 1,000 likes on this one!

  45. What a bunch of whiny, self-righteous motherfuckers. I’m not even going to include myself in the rape/not-rape discussion here because of all the poorly informed fucks who can’t think for themselves and realize it’s completely dependent on the situation/context and that drunk, even really drunk sex, does not automatically mean rape.

    Someone who is passed out, yeah, sure…someone capable of making a decision, be it something they’ll possibly regret the next day, is not rape. It’s poor decision making, and I’m not willing to discuss this further and argue about it, because anyone who disagrees with that, is wrong.

    Now, moving on…I won’t have sex if I’m drunk/high (from smoking weed…everything else is fair game…), it’s too much work, not fun at all, and I like to be able to fully involve myself in the situation and not have it be a big blurry memory…and I won’t have sex with a drunk girl, because they tend to be overly dramatic and irritating as shit, which is just a huge turn off to me.

  46. I am scared when i read some comment….really??? like it is bad that we still have to explain that a sexual intercourse without a consent is a rape… #ProjectUnbreakable

  47. You’re scared because you’re a pansy ass mong. Yes, lack of consent can be considered rape, depending on the context, but being drunk doesn’t automatically make someone incapable of consenting to the horizontal mambo.

    If a girl is drunk, strips down, gets on the bed and begs to be fucked…That is NOT rape, and that is what I’m getting at, no matter how you look at it you can’t say “Oh, he RAPED me!” because you don’t want anyone to think you fucked that dude on purpose.

    She may REGRET it the next morning, fuck, drunk people are overly emotional, she may even cry afterwards, because she regrets doing the nasty, but that doesn’t make it RAPE…It just means she has poor judgement and lack of inhibition due to the alcohol.

    Regretting fucking a guy doesn’t mean he raped you. Now, if you’re knocked out/incapable of speaking for yourself and the whole junior varsity football team comes in the room and runs a train on your worn out asshole, then that IS rape. Try not to confuse these two scenarios. It just makes you look stupid.

    Now, another, albeit, unconventional rape scenario. If a guy is black out drunk, and some bird wants to fuck…It doesn’t matter WHAT the guy says/wants, does it? Because men, regardless of their stance automatically consent, because, penis. Men are incapable of being raped and taken advantage of, right? Because all men are pigs and want sex, no matter what, right? Whatever happened to equality? Where’s a true feminist when you need one, huh?

  48. CapnJaques, your head is jammed so far up your ass that whoever can pull it out will be crowned the new king of England. That is all.

  49. I hope your ignorant ass gets sodomized. Cocksucker!

  50. Capn”TheRapist” Jaques is a rapist.

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