Thursday, March 28, 2013

Welcome to America!

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  1. In all fairness, they are states.

  2. Oh, wait, no, Africa isn’t.

  3. adrenaline_ducky

    jsmith, I was just typing that 🙂 ‘nihon’ is the Japanese name for Japan and directly translates ‘State of Japan’… either way, this post was poor in quality.

  4. *its
    *also, not funny.

  5. The continent of Africa is like 3 times the size of the US. It’s more like a state of China thanks to president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, licking Xian Ping’s ass. But I digress…

  6. While the black man and white man fight the yellow man will inherit the Earth. I think that was Steve Biko who said that but I doubt you guys care.

  7. BRICS ftw

  8. sparemelamebook

    For whom, exactly, is it difficult to name a U.S. state without the letter “e” in its name? Only 20 U.S. states have “e” in their names; the other 30 don’t. I guess if you live in Maine, you have to go all the way to Maryland to get to a state with no “e” in its name, but seriously?!

    Unsurprising, I guess, that “its” is misspelled in the graphic.

  9. Toni is doing some meta kind of humor. Precisely because it is easy to name a state without “E” in the name, is why she named lands not even located in the United States. I think she is funny.

  10. This doesn’t really reflect on anyone. Why did 1,001 people like this? Why did 60 people share it?

  11. It’s the same thing as when I see a “wordfind” style meme where the first several words you find define your person, such as Love, Broken, and Raw, I choose to find words like “clopd,” “plabix,” and “tropd.”

  12. Yawn…..

  13. Dawn of the Dan

    These things are so fucking stupid, and this might be the stupidest one I’ve seen so far.

    Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut. You have to get 7 fucking states into it in alphabetical order before you hit a state with an E in it.

  14. Name a state with a vowel in its name…. It’s harder than you think!

  15. Maybe the quiz thingy is referring to states in Mexico, India, Venezuela, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Malaysia, Micronesia, Somalia, Nigeria, Sudan or South Sudan, or… etc.. that have no letter ‘E’ in them?
    Non-Ámericans use facebook too, apparently 😛

  16. i dont get it

  17. Goobenoj, you know half the states you named have “e’s” in them right?

  18. *gubenooj, joonebug

  19. Saffer – you should give us access to your Facebook. I’m sure there’s some lamebook worthy material there.

  20. solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. under achievers.

  21. Saffer, those weren’t states I named.
    I named other countries besides the USA that have their own states.
    United Mexican States for example. There are 30 something states in Mexico and only 8’ish have an ‘e’ in them, yet only Warrap and Unity are missing an ‘e’ of the South Sudan States.
    Maybe the stupid creator of this quiz thingy is from South Sudan?
    or not. w/e lol
    Happy Weekend !

  22. Wait what are you all talking about? My first thought was conscious, unconscious, drunk, and high.

  23. State of being verbs, obviously.

  24. State means country

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