Friday, October 26, 2012

Well Done!

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    Is a betch

  2. That was the funniest racial joke I’ve ever read.

  3. 1. Whatever
    2. Why stop at just pants?
    3. Defriend McKenna. She has no sense of creativity or poetic license. If she prefers brevity she can fuck off to twitter.

  4. Mexicans work so fast because they eat powdered toast!


  5. I agree that the joke was funny, but racial? “Mexican” is now a race?

  6. Actually racist on another level. How’d they know they were Mexicans and not from Venezuela, Guatemala etc? Oh, they had brown skin and were doing laboring work so Q.E.D. Mexican?

    I suppose they could have polled them but, it appears they finished whatever it was too quick.

  7. @5, according to the U.S. government, “Mexican” is not a race.

  8. slicingupeyeballs

    I quite like spiders. they just sit there doing spidey things like making webs and removing other beasties from our houses (and apparently, trucks).

    They are better than flies, flies are cunts…

  9. ^ Ah, but flies don’t leap out from behind your sun visor and make you almost drive off a bridge.

  10. @7, According to the people who decoded the human genome, there’s no such thing as race.

  11. I agree with them.

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