Monday, November 7, 2011

Well Said, Bill. Well said.

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  1. hootie the blowfish

    Michael is lame, but Bill’s an asshole.

  2. The status was lame, but homophobia is lamer.

  3. I agree … homophobia is gay.

  4. …and people keep asking me why I don’t have Facebook.

  5. You gay dragonfly ? Or just one of those people who are “too cool” for Facebook?

  6. Yes, we all know that Bill has ‘gay’ confused with ‘being an oversensitive douche-monkey’. I have a guy friend who posts this kind of drivel all the time. Well recently the wittiest – and most relevant – response came from a female: “Hey, you know the chick who told you that we women these sorts of posts are cute? She lied. Grow a pair.”

  7. *think

  8. *Whispers*

    ‘Stay with me forever, lamebook non-friends’

  9. I hate lamebook now cause all it is is perverted stuff. it’s not even funny now

  10. Michael has it all wrong, the best way to get women to stay with you isn’t whispering fucking inane bollockless sonnets into their ears..

    The best way to make sure they stay put is to secrete them in an underground bunker, chain them to a radiator and make them beg for food.

  11. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @Christ, dude that is so wrong! You forgot the most important thing, that chain should be long enough so she can reach the kitchen.

  12. This isn’t homophobic, guyz.

  13. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Gayer than two dicks sucking-off three dicks.

  14. Bill was just pissed cos he didn’t post it first….

  15. Drchalky, i’m gonna use that.

    And why can’t something be called gay if it’s shithouse? That word has had many meanings over the years; happy, homo, prostitute.

    Guess what homos, times have changed, you dont own that word anymore. Gay is now something that is undesirable, or gay.

  16. Gay means prostitute?

    I must have missed the memo on that one.

    Either that or bradles just had one of those outbursts where you just list insults in text after a semi-colon; prick, dork, wankstain

    Fuck, now I’m doing it

  17. It meant prostitute, or ‘a woman of immoral earnings’, back in the early 1900’s.

    That is my point, gay can change meanings, and it no longer only means homo.

    So the PC homo lovers, like gonzo, can go get a dog up ya.

  18. Bill is pretty gay for thinking all that up

  19. Hawkbit – It’s a quote from “Will & Grace” – does that make Bill more or less gay?

  20. It’s interesting that he threw the growing of a uterus in there, right in the first line.
    My quandry now becomes how is this compatible with male-on-male sodomy?

  21. Bradles, YOUR PC is a homo, mine’s straight.

    And you fuck it every night, in the USB port.

  22. Ugh–this isn’t gay, it’s just ball-less and girly. It takes a hell of a lot of balls to take a dick, and some of the most muscular, not-girly men I know are gay. Gay is a good thing.

  23. “It takes a hell of a lot of balls to take a dick”?

    what the fuck are you talking about

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