Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We’re All Fading

We're All Fading

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  1. @Mcowles: You have restored my faith in humanity I hope one day to be that happy and successful 🙂

  2. I read the whole thing and I do believe that I lost a few points off my IQ. In fact I believe my brain retreated in view of the horror I inflicted on it.

    @ #75 Bingo: It’s Rommel who was the tank commander (and commander of the Afrika Crops), Erwin Rommel.

  3. ^ You might be suprised to hear ths Ben, but I knew it wasn’t actually Erwin Rommel. Dumpass.

  4. boring!

  5. He must have fucked up BAD.

  6. I’m guessing this isn’t groveling. I think this Romel fancies himself some sort of a poet or musician, and he has probably used this kind of quasi-blank-verse beat-tard apology in the past. Evelyn has probably excused a lot of abusive behavior because “as an artist he’s so high strung and emotional!” and I’ll bet the faux sincerity of his declaration will move her to tears as it always does. He is probably frustrated at his failed attempts to publish his work, and he takes it out on her in the form of cutting remarks aimed at making her feel stupid and inferior.

  7. I agree with the above comment. Spot on!

  8. Huh. did anyone actually take the time to read that?

  9. you know, #108, I did… and sadly, I’ll never get those minutes of my life back. I should really learn when to quit. Or maybe, when to just not begin. lol

  10. I read enough to realise that was complete crap. How many times can one person use the words “i know what” in a sentence and not have commas or capitals. Romel, I hate you.

  11. The highlight for me was, “I love you so much that I would drop out for you.”

    It was at that point that I reached for the tissues. Such a powerful declaration of real love, I just couldn’t control my emotions any more.

  12. cliff notes?

  13. Did anyone read this all the way through?

  14. Only to check if there was actually a punchline.

    There was not.

    Still sounds like a bellend.

  15. Poor dude.. I feel really bad for him and for them. I know what it’s like to be in a relationship like that, a relationship with such emotion. It’s more than someone can handle, but there’s no going back.

    He unfortunately started out every sentence in a really lame way, but the message was probably received well. I hope it worked out for him..

  16. Christ sake, enough of the damn repetition ><

  17. this, dear children, is what we call a REPETITION FAIL!!!

  18. That must have taken a long time to write that. Especially when she didn’t even comment back.
    And what’s worse is that she made that her status.
    That’s just begging for attention.

  19. I thought he was just quoting a song or something? I mean, a lot of it rhymes and everything. I don’t listen to the kind of music that would have lyrics like this, but it just struck me as he typed the entire lyrics to a song..

  20. Firstly,

    Romel, what DID you say to her?


    The things men will do to get poonani.


    Co-sign Jack. Are you a veteran psychologist or something?

  21. Also this is fake. Why? Because Facebook has not, as of this date EVER made provision for a reply to ANY status message to be that long. You would have to fill out atleast two replies for a text of that size.

  22. of course it’s fake. i can tell by the pixels!

  23. He didn’t love her enough to read through all the shit he’d written and summarise it for her; or punctuate it correctly come to think of it.

  24. she didn’t reply, maybe she read it and realised that she really is better off without a whiny, cliched, over-dramatic dick like him…

  25. oh snap….that lame fucker is commenting here! haha!! Romel, you owe me three minutes pal.

  26. Wow, Romel seems to know everything, yet he keeps making himself look like an idiot anyways. pussy

  27. I had a dog called Romel once

  28. Where is the “read less” button?

  29. I know I wasn’t even half way through before I wanted to kill myself.

  30. Congrats to Romel for feeling all of those feelings. What a sensitive fellow!?

  31. This guy deserves an award for “Most BS to ever be posted in a Facebook comment.”

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