Tuesday, December 4, 2012


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  2. Oh? You were away??

  3. Hey Steeeever! Glad to see you! Let’s show these fuckers what’s up!


  4. That’s a really nice ring! It must have cost at least 7 bucks at the tween store in the mall.

  5. And when all of Anns friends gather ’round begging to know how the obviously sweet, thoughtful, and clever Dennis proposed, she gets to tell them how he romantically shoved it in a McChicken got down on one knee and without hesitation wiping the ketchup from his lips, and the crumbs from her lap repeatedly begged her not to embarrass him infront of all the retirees, single dads, and screaming children…

  6. Anyone think that this might be our beloved Ms. Ann Thorpe??

  7. mcchickens come with mayo btw

  8. Either that’s a small sandwich, or that’s a big ring.

  9. I would say “yes” too. The ring isn’t even organic. Just take the thing out and eat the freakin’ burger. Maybe take out the part of the bun that was touching the burger…

    I few months ago I walked down to the local shopping megaplex thing to watch a movie and I got a burger from the Kentucky Fried Chicken stall. They call it “KFC” nowadays – I don’t know why. Anyway, my burger had a hair in it. It was like a long straight asian girl hair. It looked clean. I had already eaten half my burger. So I was like, “fuck it,” just took the hair out and continued eating my burger. I might have a gagged a couple times. I’m tough though. It’s all mental. These soft guys these days would have cried about it. Went and got another burger. Been late for the show. Then have to try to get a whole burger down after having already got half the first one down. Pansies.

  10. Walter it is called KFC because the state of Kentucky copyrighted the name “Kentucky” just so they could charge KFC royalties to use the name Kentucky. So Kentucky Fried Chicken had a big campaign to change their name to KFC so they would not have to pay the state of Kentucky for the use of the name. Ah American greed at it best.

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  12. That’s gotta be the shittiest burger I’ve ever seen.

  13. That’s dirtballs. Could have got a smaller ring and put it to getting some fuckin fries at least. Lol

  14. Ooh ooh, in an effort to derail this thread, I propose we change this to a Fries vs. Chips arguement!

  15. ^You mean U.S. lingo vs everyone else in the world lingo?

  16. Aye, and whoever comes out on top gets a biscuit!

  17. Papitas. That’s what I like to call ’em.

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