Tuesday, December 4, 2012

10 Points!

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  1. And whoever posted this is just as gay as the scarf wearer for knowing that red and yellow are gryffindor colors.


  2. ^It’s only gay for adults to read Harry Potter.

  3. She looked at you weird because she didn’t get the reference…

    …and because you have a weird scar on your face.

  4. Stupid horrible bastards.

  5. sack up and fight the power nancy

    this person posts as though we are going to side with them. YOU are the weirdo shouting shit for no reason for undeserved attention.

  6. Minus 20 points for each of you obvious Slytherins.

  7. Smh. I know the person who made this comment and she is quite an awesome person! I think it is cool she had the guts to say that in class!

  8. Not to be too gay but their house colors are Maroon & gold not red & yellow. Thats just from watching the movies with my kids not reading the book.

    Still a good joke

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