Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Likely Future

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  1. Poor attempt at being funny. Far too much effort went in to this.


  2. That currency would be hyperinflated because it would cost almost nothing for me to give someone a like in which to spend for a real tangible good. It would be like consumers printing their own money. Yeah, the world would run out of milk real quick.

  3. I wonder how he pronounces his name.. And if he gets really narky when people mispronounce it.

  4. I will keep powdered toast affordable no matter what currency is used!


  5. Whew! I was worried that the next currency was going to be catsup packets from fast food joints, and I haven’t been stocking up on them.

  6. Franky, pronunciation with diacritics involved confuses me to no end. I bet it sounds really funny. I’m thinking he’s probably some sort of faux-hipsterish guy who just thinks it looks neato, but has no idea what’s actually going on with those silly looking letters.

  7. If I knew him, I’d pronounce his name “Cregg” no matter how he wished it to be said.

  8. I know this dickhead named Craig and I always call him “Cregg” and he’s always like “don’t call me ‘Cregg’ Walter” and I’m like “fuck you, I barely know you, what am I supposed to call you, Craig.”

    Fuck him.

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  10. ^ Do you talk to people that aren’t there when you ride on the bus too?

  11. Watching him get into fist fights with those people is the best.

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