Monday, October 26, 2009

What a Bitch


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  1. Love for a pet gone a bit wrong in Nicole’s case… as for her poor pup… I pity it!

  2. I hate chihuahuas. Only Irish purebred bloodhounds for me!

  3. Haha I pity the dog too. I think Nicole is the “bitch” that the title is referring to

  4. Is Alanna the dog or the shit?

  5. I was always under the impression that Bloodhounds were and English/Scottish breed

  6. normally i would feel sorry for this dog…but chihuahuas can barely be classified as dogs in my opinion…more like a rat.

  7. It appears the pooch is pooping on a pic in the paper so could this Alanna be the unwitting recipient of the pictured poop present..? Preposterous you propose..?

  8. I really hope someone liked this.

  9. (as I’m about to take a bite of breakfast)

  10. atleast it made the paper?…

  11. Why is this person teaching their dog to poop in the house? I thought you put down paper for when you are NOT at home…

  12. poor rat…oh,wait…it`s a dog…

  13. Notice that the dog it pooping on the engagements section of the paper and that the photo has the caption of “In this photo Alanna …”

    I wonder if the dog’s owner wasn’t pissed as Alanna (who is pictured in the paper, getting married) and encouraged the pooch to poop on Alanna and her fiancee.

  14. Nicole could be one of those really annoying people who maintain a facebook profile for their pet. And give it their surname.

    “Rover Surname wrote on Friend Surname’s wall: Are you taking me for a walk or what? Woof!”

    In which case, she’s taken a photo of her dog shitting, and accurately tagged the poor beast.

  15. I have a chihuahua and it’s very much a dog, and a great one at that!

    Nicole might live in a cold climate where her chihuahua couldn’t go outside. Mine has very sensitive paws and can’t stand in snow for more than 30 seconds (not enough time to go to the bathroom), so in January and February, she uses “puppy pads”. I guess I could get her some boot-things, but I’d prefer not putting shoes on my dog, haha.

  16. You should get a rabbit instead. If they poop on the carpet, you can just pick it up and throw it in the bin. They’re little hard lumps and they don’t smell.

  17. @ mcowles

    a chihuahua is hardly a ‘great’ dog

  18. @ ryanoceros

    MY chihuahua is a great dog. Obviously this is my own opinion of my own pet.

  19. …I am currently eating my lunch and had to pause for a moment. Disgusting.

  20. Eating brownies, Rachelle?

  21. Cute dog! Pity about the shit…

  22. nice caught in mid squeeze

  23. Gross. This made me blow chunks.

  24. chihuahuas are lame dogs(as are most toy dogs). I prefer mid and large dogs. I want a great danes.

  25. @ mcowles:
    Would you still post a pic of your dog taking a shit on the internet?

  26. ^ A great danes? You’re mixing your singulars and plurals there man…
    Chihuahuas aren’t lame dogs, they’re just as good as other size dogs and some people prefer them because they smell less. Although they are quite a lot more yappy..

  27. well at least it is a little dog. Little dog- little poop Big dog…

  28. ^^ I was gonna say ‘I like great danes’ but changed it to ‘want a’. I didn’t proof read it.

    I would like a dog that could do some damage if someone is attacking me. A Chihuahua is like a hyper active cat. One good kick and it’s down.

  29. Maybe a Chihuahua army is for you Vincent. After all a well aimed kick could possibly fell any great dog, so surely there’s safety in numbers with many of the little yappers.

    Besides think of all the photos you could snap of them taking a poop. The possibilities are endless 😉

  30. Or a Great Dane, a Saint Bernard, and a Newfoundland. That would equate to the same amount of dog and a lot less annoyance. It would take a pretty luckily placed kick to put down regular sized dogs and up. They are hunters by nature. A toy dog wouldn’t be able to do much more damage than a cat. Cats at least have claws and aren’t immobile after attacking. They can swipe you a good amount of times. Once the toy dog bites you youcan easily destroy it.

  31. I can’t believe you’s idiots who are under the mistaken belief that the dog is either a Chihuaha, a Great Dane or a Blood hound. It is clearly a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a very young one at that, I say ‘clearly’ because if you look carefully you will see the ridge down it’s back.

  32. Vincent, I’m glad you at least realise the defensive capability of a cat, it isn’t just limited to fighting off toy dogs though. My friends Staffordshire Bull Terrier went for my cat, she ripped it’s face to shreds and tore half of it’s ear off. The dog was screaming like a pussy, lol, and then hid in the bathroom.

  33. I was naming the dogs I wanted not want I thought it was -_- I only thought it was a Chihuaha because someone else said it was. There’s no way the thing is a great dane.

  34. A perfect Kodak moment for a perfect time.

  35. hey!!! that’s a picture of me he’s going on!

  36. Lovely… or not

  37. Um…is the photo just a bit blurred or did someone really blur the dog’s head as well as the last names??

  38. @Jen_M The dog is moving his head. That is why it is blurry, not because the dog’s identity needs protecting.

  39. hahaha at that comment

  40. …….SERIOUSLY?!?!?

  41. OH COME ON?!?!

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