Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What a Sheety Friend


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  1. Kaylii, I piss on your grave.

  2. @Kaylii

    I doubt that the last comment was really Riccardo. Someone saw a chance to get people MORE mad, and jumped on it.

    @Winsom Losome

    No. Please stop bringing up old posts to try to make everyone think that you’re cool and you are “one of the hip people” here. This is nothing like Jason’s Monster Fail, except that Riccardo is here in the comments section, like 100 other submitters have been.

  3. WTF Riccardo. This is messed up. It isn’t my fault that you chickened out on the whole threesome idea YOU came up with. Anna told me you posted this on lamebook and I think it’s pretty messed up.

    My dad did take away my car, but after I told him it was your idea, he was furious. Good thing you are in london. Watch yourself limpdick ric

  4. Haha… Rough life. Gotta hate it when that happens.

    This one time, I left some not-so-clean tissues all over a bed at a party. A friend and his girlfriend slept in that bed; they woke up with sticky tissue covering there back.

    My bad.


  5. These comments between Riccardo and Raquel are almost better than the post itself

  6. This is totally nothing like Jason’s Monster Fail. If Ricardo and Raquel (whose actual identity is questionable) start spewing stupid, poorly-written comments at each other and then try to bring a law suit into the picture, then it might become kinda sorta, almost not really like Jason’s Monster Fail.

  7. Wow mcowles @ 53. Bit of anger there?

    Yes, of course, it is very important to me that other posters who have no idea who I am, do not know my name, do not know where I live, do not know what I look like, do not even know if I sport a key or a keyhole in my nether regions or even know if I’m cool in real life or not … yes, it’s most important to me that other posters must think I’m “one of the hip people” here..!

    Relax, dude/girl. I was merely referring to the fact that no one had any problems with Riccardo here until he himself joined the discussion in the comments section – in a similar way as what happened to Jason way back then.

    (I agree with you that at least one of the later Riccardo-posts was posted by a clone, BTW.)

    Anyway, sorry if I angered you. No, hang on, will people think I’m “one the hip people” if I say that? It’s important to know that..

    Just kidding. Really, relax.

  8. @Julie

    I think Riccardo and Raquel posters are the same person trying to seek attention. This is why we should have to register a user id and valid email address.

  9. @Riccardo

    U fag! that’s what you are! a dumbing fucking fag.. u prob licked up all that dry cum didn’t u??

  10. She was a dirt slag leaving all that shit around his house.
    She was suppose to look after the house not have a orgy on his stuff.

  11. Adam, Let Riccardo air out his anger here! I welcome it. Raquel is a whore for betraying Ricardo’s trust to stay at his place. Screw her.
    It’s just wrong!
    Riccardo, get you a nice girl!

  12. If someone disrespected me by leaving their sex waste all over my home and possessions, I absolutely wouldn’t give a fuck about handling it diplomatically, nor how public the knowledge would be. I don’t keep friends that would ever do that shit. Absolutely nasty. You can’t expect to do that to someone and NOT get shit on right back.

    Yes, Riccardo. Dick move. But well-deserved dickery.

  13. Thanks Autsin and Becca.

    I just don’t understand how someone can think it is OKAY to do that kind of stuff.

    Oh and that isn’t really Raquel because…..I don’t know anyone named Anna for one, and secondly if I was wanting a threesome, it would have been with two girls and myself, not two guys and one girl. Fuck you fake raquel.

  14. OK, from the whole Dad taking away her car when he found out thing, I’m assuming that Raquel isn’t allowed boys to stay over at home?
    In which case it was pretty dim of Riccardo if he let her have free run of his house for a night and didn’t expect her to have sex.
    Not clearing up after her dirty self though? A little decency should be expected!

  15. lol Mercure

  16. Mercure’s posted a number of top comments on various threads already – cheers & keep the humour up!

  17. I just have one thing to say


  19. LOL!
    “Enjoy your holiday!
    Fuck You!”
    Douchebag or not… I can’t help but appreciate Riccardo’s sarcasm in his public post to Raquel… tee hee
    And it’s not fair to call Raquel a slut for sleeping with her boyfriend, that’s hardly whoorish… a dirty ass slob for leaving all that shit around, yes… that’s just nasty… fuck all over your friend’s house sure… if you’re friends, they’ll probably understand, but CLEAN up after yourselves geesh!

  20. I doesn’t afraid of anything, guys.

  21. insert clever name here

    @lostinthought Thank you! I was thinking the exact same thing. Denouncing a person as a whore or a slut for doing something sexual that is generally frowned upon, is lame and archaic.

  22. Muthafukin' Maurice

    Where is the fucking ‘I like turtles’ dude?

  23. I like turtles.

  24. I like kids.

  25. I like zombies.

  26. I rape zombies

    Hail TMNT

  27. That’s pretty god damn awesome. Have a nice vacation, fuck you! 😀

  28. nice one ricardo , if someone disrespects the fact that you let her use your appartment well then she had it coming …

    Loving the sarcasm in your rant.

  29. They say that you judge a man by his friends. Riccardo is obviously a very bad judge of character and that reflects on him. Neither emerge very well from this, but Raquel got free use of a flat and a good boning. Riccardo just got used.

  30. Kid Turtle, shut up. You’re not funny or amusing. Fly away please.

  31. #63, No one is justifying what she did to your sheets. You’re getting shit because you called her parents like you were a goddamn 10 year old. That’s why you’re being called out for being a fucktard, fucktard.

  32. @ 81 – I’ll sign my (real) name under your post if I could.

  33. I doubt the Riccardo posting is the real deal, but if he is, I support him. Raquel is a horrible friend and deserves it. I bet none of you would like it if a friend trashed your place with bodily fluids. ew.

  34. Rule of staying at a friend’s house: if you hook up with somebody, do the laundry afterwards. Who wants to clean up someone elses sex mess? Go Riccardo!

  35. The comments are much better than the post, actually. Had a ball of a time LOL’ing to myself

  36. it’s obvious that the people commenting as riccardo and raquel are FAKES 🙂

  37. I just had to comment on this! I can totally understand being “caught in the moment” and needing to release your “fluids” when THAT moment has arrived. I myself being a major “squirter”. However, Raquel should have cleaned up after herself, left a letter of apology and offered to replace the sheets!!! Ricardo… maybe if you could get a woman to “squirt” you would be a little more understanding about the whole situation and private messaged her first about it! When a squirt is about to burst, there is no way in hell I would hold back. Sorry but I don’t care how good a friend you are or how nice your sheets are LMAO!

  38. Now that shit is funny!

  39. @Boz I hope the real Boz doesn`t mind that.

  40. John Players Standard

    Fucking /b/tards everywhere.

  41. This is fake. It was on LAME

  42. My next band will be named “Sex Waste”

  43. Magic everywhere in this thread.

    I ONLY joines because this post pisses me off.

    November 18th, 2009 at 11:47 am
    I could of very well been the stranger. ;p

    Really, Chazz? Could OF??? What kind of grammar is that? COULD HAVE, COULD’VE. How hard is that?

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