Friday, April 8, 2011

What Happens in Vegas…

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  1. OMG LYK ST3VR!!

  2. damn, I have been to Dick’s Last Resort in Dallas, TX…great restaurant

  3. I hit it up in down town SD, but they kinda sucked. I know they’re supposed to be total dicks…and he really wasn’t…so it kind of ruined it. It was more like being at a TGIF where your waitress is at the last twenty of her 8 hour shift.

  4. CommentsAtLarge

    Blondie, I had the same experience at Ed Debevic’s in LA before it shut down. “Ironically rude” is not “aloof and disinterested”; it’s a fine distinction at places like that.

  5. Yeah Comments, it’s just not as fun when they’re not really doing the job right. And it’s not like the food is the reason you go.

  6. So you go to a place and give them money in order for them to be an asshole to you in return?

  7. firrip – Yeah. It’s like going to a dominatrix hooker.

  8. I was fired from the muck selling fucking hovel for being ‘too intense’.. the miserable, pissflappy, rancid wanky little fuckpigs.

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