Thursday, June 4, 2009

What Just Happened?




I have no clue what your name is, so I am going to call you Profile Girl. Not only do you have amazing taste in music, you like Shrek! And not just Shrek 1, you like all 3!!!

Good hygiene???  Check.

Great Speller? Check.

Overuse of the tilde? Check.

Profile Girl, It’s safe to say that you are my dream girl. You, Me,  CRACKER BAREL, this Saturday.

♥ The Editors

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  1. One of these things is not like the other:

    Youth Group, Mercy Me, Blow.

    or, how about:

    JESUS CHRIST!, Bob Marley, All Dogs Go to Heaven.

    WTF? I think she has tourretes.

  2. Haha, way to represent your sorority…

  3. At least she likes good hygiene. Wait-hygeine. Maybe that’s something different.

  4. I can’t believe she likes to do random stuff.

  5. I wonder if the “Sherk” series is better than the original.

  6. She needs to stop being such a tease and just have sex with Soccer already.

    She’s probably the youngest person in the United States that has ever listed Cracker Barrel as an “interest”.

  7. Wow…I think ‘What?’, ‘Yeah!’, and ‘Okay!’ is a failed attempt at Lil’ Jon humor. Of course, that was only ever funny when Dave Chappelle did it, and it’s never funny when Srat girls do it. Wow.

  8. Spice World? Really?

  9. Who likes Sister Act 2, but not Sister Act 1? Everyone knows the first was the best.

  10. Fuck…. I live in Alabama.
    Southern education… fail.

  11. Yeah — this girl? Bored now. Dime a dozen, cookie cutter conformity, etc. Anyone want to talk about something more interesting — the Red Sox? The midair collision in NY? The relative drying speeds of Glidden vs. Dutch Boy?

  12. I didn’t even need to read any it to see and prime cunt wrote this. What the fuck is with mixing upper and lower case? Morons.

  13. nono, you have it all wrong. she likes sherk I…II…&III!!
    not shrek.

  14. Sister Act 2?????

  15. oh my god this is my roommate!!!

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