Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What Would Jesus Do?

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  1. I-Phone or Galaxy? What would Jesus do?

  2. ^ HTC One with dual front speakers. At least, that’s the one I’m going for next.

  3. ^ Jesus????

  4. You said it man! Nobody fucks with the Jesus!

  5. Paranoid Android72

    Man or woman? What would Jesus do?
    Would he use lube or spit?
    The people need to know!

  6. Nothing wrong with hanging out with a cool hat on. Just try not to get lost for a few days. That wine/moonshine is a hell of a drink.

  7. Graeme now has a solid excuse for later that night when he gets caught leaving a brothel.

    Well done, Graeme.

  8. RobertSullivan

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