Friday, February 7, 2014

What’s Good

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  1. does anyone know what that person is say

  2. *saying

  3. The Beast Among Us

    None of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ever used a balisong. Maybe strap a sai on there or something, and paint it red…

  4. So glad I’m not from Canada like this idiot.

  5. Is this a random animal fighting ring? My ferret’s a dab hand with a flip knife. We’d kick this guy’s arse.

  6. my best friend’s mother makes 88 dolars hourly on the computer. She has been laid off for five months but last month her pay was 21162 USD just working on the computer for a few hours. read the article



  7. ^ good point, maybe the turtle is trying to make money and has just read the article. If he’s just been laid off Janice Nott’s post is very timely. Good work Jan!

  8. Peeing on your head sounds fun, peepeehead. How much?

  9. This post is racist.

  10. Nice marmot!

  11. You feeling ok, StupidDane?

  12. The Dude abides.

  13. I’m a little worried, guys…

  14. #9 yo mama is a racist.

  15. Stvr, how do I double like#12?

  16. The tortoise might be well armed, but it is also r a t h e r s l o w .

  17. Like s t e e e e e v e e e e r r r ! ! !

  18. Bs. I appropriately placed each letter on a page to not look like that ass.

  19. I’ve never seen so many downvotes on one post.

  20. BorderlineDane

    a ninja turtle has been born

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